Lionsgate makes new Conan movie

Hollywood Reporter says they’re hiring a legion of scriptwriters to piece together a $100 million R-rated film that’s close to Robert E. Howard’s original stories. That’s about all we know at this point.

Why are they constantly eyeing Conan? Why do studios love the franchise?

I don’ get it, most of the current young adult demographic really isn’t into Conan.

I was hoping you meant Conan O’Brien.

Doubtful any actor could be as good as Arnold.

In the role of Conan, of course.

They could be, if it’s done right. Conan is the original sword and sorcery adult fantasy.

Maybe they look at LotR and want to do a fantasy flick, and how many established characters are there to film? Conan still ranks up there in terms of consumer awareness. I’m sure more people have heard of Conan than they have of the Song of Fire and Ice series, or Erickson’s books, etc. Plus the press will have fun remembering Arnold in Conan.

One of the things that might draw people to Conan is the way that the works are public domain, so there’s no Howard Estate to give ten million bucks to off the top.

Seriously though, fuck Conan. Let’s see someone do a movie based on Solomon Kane.

White 17th century puritan saves primitive African negroes from their backwards ways? I smell blockbuster!

They are public domain? That’s awesome.

Conan’s probably my favorite comicbook hero of all time (I read the novels way after Savage Sword of Conan mags). I agree to be succesful they’d have to do the character right… he’s not a complicated, but they’d have to be careful not to simplify him as a big dumb brute (Arnie almost blew it)-- he most definately isn’t. I just think Hollywood, not so great with the anti-heroes, will have trouble portraying him properly… that is, a violent pleasure seeking adventurer with curious moral principles who puts his own self interests first.

Trailer for aforementioned Conan movie.

Say, B., did you see this? Surprisingly good, in my opinion.

That Conan trailer is terrible, and I will still see the shit out of it.

That was pretty bad.

While I love Arnold’s Conan the Barbarian, I think a more true-to-original Conan would make great popcorn fodder: much more roguish (rather than brutish), much more casually brutal rather than berzerker, and much more ferally cunning.

Basically, a bit of an ass-kicking, warrior-thief with a dash of James Bond tossed in. Medieval Vin Diesel’s XXX or Riddick (basically the same character), bitches.

I live. I love. I slay and I am content…

Absolutely horrible. I wonder if he also gouges evil from its shell.

I get it that it’s a teaser trailer, but that just looked…bad.

That was terrible, the voice sounded like he was just trying way too hard to sound dangerous. Not to mention the loltastic sword swinging.

The guy playing Conan is also going to be playing Drogo in the Game of Thrones miniseries.

The Batman voice in the new films never bothered me, but after watching this trailer I believe I understand what those people feel. Jason Momoa’s voice was fine for the role normally… why’d he have to go and do that?

Honestly, I’d rather see an animated Conan flick from the studio that did Ninja Scroll. That’s my personal fanboy fantasy.

Wow that was quick - they have a new trailer up

You know that’s a line from one of the REH stories, right?