Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Oh great, kerzain’s gone mad with power and his avatar is too cute for anyone to stop him!

So I’m perusing Steam’s new release list, and I come across this new city builder called “Road to your City”.

I begin to read the description…

“Road to your City is a city building and management game…”

Good, good, I like those things!

“…with a heavy emphasis on football.”


So I look at the features…

"Build a city for people to live and work in. Create homes and provide jobs. "

Sounds good…

"Found a football club, adding and developing talent as it grows. "

Uhh…what kind of game is this, you guys?

So yeah, I dunno…

Wait, I need to know if this is actual football or soccer. $9.99 is riding on this!

What ever it is, I think its something the British fellow that filled in one night for Tom’s request Wednesday stream of New Star Manager might like.


There’s a British fellow watching Tom’s streams? Let’s string him up!

Yep, sounds like a complete arse!

They used the word club. Pretty sure it’s soccer.

From looking at the screenshots it’s clearly soccer rather than NFL .

Not just watch, he is hosting!


So you build a city and make it prosperous…

…so you can give a soccer club 85 million to build a stadium in your town?

85 million? Man must be nice to get off so cheap.

See? You TOTALLY get my thought process.

Oh wow. This is for me! Thank you! Bought!

Awesome, please report back as to how it is.

Will do!

Just got an email that Heaven’s Vault will be released on Steam and PS4 on April 16th. The main site site doesn’t appear to be updated with this date yet.

well I can say Road to Your city should be avoided for now if you are on a laptop. Its not possible to complete the basic tutorial tasks on a laptop as it requires holding down a middle mouse button while pressing keys. The key binding do not seem to be settable either.Anyway refunded, good luck to others who want to try it.

Thanks for the update!