Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Oh, also:

If you’re not sick of survival games yet, this one looks REAL pretty:

You can buy into the alpha on or wait for the Early Access release on Steam later in the year.


Nowhere Prophet is out of beta!

Please somebody tell us it’s as good as it sounded.

RPS gave it a solid “eh.”

Another game where the AI hasn’t be taught the game. Tom will love it!

There was a stream on Steam going on by the publisher, and the host was trying to go for a pacifist run. I guess there was more to it than a simple showing of various ways to play the game. But I see evil everywhere!

Forgot to see if there was a thread on this, and there is:

Starting EA on Steam in a few days:

I bounced off of Darkest Dungeon hard, but this looks awesome. You play the bad guys, trying to reach the surface to bring on the age of undeath (or something). Combat plays out like Darkest Dungeon, but exploration is on a sprawling map with different routes to pick from ala Slay the Spire. You loot body parts (and other treasures) from enemies and use them to construct new minions. Minions gain levels and have upgrades to choose from, Iraqis has skill trees that provide various benefits, and there’s a hub to build out with different facilities that heal minions, etc.

Darkest Dungeon is a game I really want to like but don’t play because I find it too stressful. For whatever reason, this looks less so to me (though it definitely looks challenging).

Do we have a thread, yet, for…

I searched on “Deck of Ashes” using the site’s search function, but nothing came up. If we don’t have one, we should, because I’m enjoying it more than Slay the Spire. Come at me!

You are obviously dangerous. I’m not coming at you.

This is high praise! I love Slay the Spire. But… this is Early Access =(

Looks like BAD NORTH got an update / rebalance / free expansion.

It is a much better game now! I especially like that leaders come with some kind of pre-installed bonus, and that there are checkpoints.

This looks interesting… anybody played?

This is the first game from a lone developer.


The Stillness of the Wind has just become one of my favorite games of the year. It’s on sale on Steam this week, so snatch it up IF the following sounds like your kind of thing:

The game is an expansion of a jam game called Where the Goats Are. You play an old woman tottering around a farm, feeding your goats, making cheese, growing crops, fending off wolves (poorly), and reading mail. The mail comes from your siblings and other family members and long lost friends, all of whom have moved to the city, leaving you alone on the rickety family estate.

The game starts as a peaceful and mostly pleasant simulation with a nostalgic atmosphere. It mostly stays that way, but as you read more about events in the city (and have a freaky dream or two), it becomes equally haunting and sad.

The visuals are perfectly evocative (with a handful of clunky animations). The weather and seasonal effects are dramatic. The game systems aren’t deep, but suit what’s ultimately a narrative experience well. The writing is excellent. The whole game can be played in about three hours.

This is also included in the Xbox Gamepass.

I wasn’t onboard until you said this. I really like short games that say what they need to and then get out of the way. I recently played No Code’s Stories Untold, a really well-done little anthology of games that takes about 2 hours start to finish.

Someone needs to change the thread title to this.

Either that, or “Little Indie Games Worth Talking About (Definitely)”

Game has been released.

No Steam publicity.

I bought it, no surprises there, might even get to play it tonight.

Keep us posted on what you think.

Yeah, we were busy squashing as many bug as we could back then.

Anyway, As BloodyBattleBrain mentioned, the game has been released.

This is direct steam link:

It was a long journey, but I feel proud being able to hit that Release button. Thank you for many kind words back then when we tried to do kickstarter.