Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Unfortunately I happened across this and now it’s totally screwing up my gaming schedule by eating into my time.

It’s pretty detailed management game in the style of Punch Club, but the added ability to influence your boxer during (the surprisingly nail-biting and epic) fights, is awesome. There’s a lot more that could be added to the game, like I’d love to be able to train up a roster of fighters in my gym as opposed to a singular fighter, but it’s still in early access.

While it doesn’t have any direct references so far, I’d give this a strong recommendation to any Hajime no Ippo or sports shonen anime fans. To me, it captures what is so fun about those shows.

Yeah I wish listed that awhile ago, it looks great.

Another Metroidvania kickstarter.

That looks really good. Thanks!

This looks really good, mostly because of how closely it apes Hollow Knight’s aesthetic with more fleshed out combat options. I don’t normally back Kickstarters these days but I’m considering it. Really though Hollow Knight Silksong just needs to come out already!

This is superbly intriguing!

Coming back to Airborne Kingdom, I thought it looked neat, but don’t do PC games. Well, apparently last month they announced it’s getting a console release I Q3 2021- PS4/5, XboxOne/Series, and Switch are all listed.

Also, the trailer mentions Creative Sandbox mode, Hard Mode, and New Game+, which were not present in the original release, and I know some folks wondered about replayability- those should help with that.

This is still like a year out and the work of one person but continues to look super neat. Beware, a stealth horror driving game

Interesting. That building in the video title is a dead ringer for the Geisel library at the University of California San Diego:

Beware (the forbidden parts of the Dewey Decimal System)

Looks up 216.666 L.

“Oh no, what have you done!” /gatetohellopens

The building of Slovak radio in Bratislava might have been one of the inspirations as well.

Definitely: damn, those steel wireframes.
Incredible that it actually exists.

Multiplayer 3D puzzle platformer.

Surreal spectacle fighter.

Short RPG platformer with 1v1 timing-based combat.

Tohou-like retro platforming bullet hell.

I recommend: Death's Door (Review) [PC 4k] - YouTube

It’s getting several 9s from the main sites.

Haven’t heard of this till now, but love the art style for Death’s Door after taking a quick peek. Looks like there is a 15% pre-purchase discount on Steam that ends in just over an hour.

Mini Motorways, from the same studio as Mini Metro, finally released on Steam. Seems like it should be a good spot of fun.

Yeah, I’m in on this sight-unseen. Mini Metro was a great time filler.

Day 1 purchase! and its not even early access. The devs have a nice Miniverse Collection which drops the price down to $7.19 if you already have MiniMetro.

Loved the demo, and just released into EA with a 10% discount!