Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)


I played a couple of hours on medium difficulty and have basically built enough to repel the bad guys and also built all the structures. My knights seem to be frozen though, probably a bug.

The graphics are cute but ultimately it seems pretty shallow. My advice would be not to buy until there is more content, if there ever will be.


Picked up Force of Nature from the Steam front page. I’m finding it immediately unplayable due to a terrible UI bug or limitation, which is a first for me. Only way I can collect items is via the mouse. The camera is only controllable while all UI windows are closed, and then I can’t pick anything up (default key mapping, E key).

I think @GuildBoss streamed this a bit. How’d you like it? Looks like you didn’t experience any issues like this one.


Yeah, this is really good. Highly recommended.


Not a big fan of pixelicious games but I like the looks of this.


Yeah, I made 3 videos for my channel before throwing in the towel. It was just far too grindy (for me) for making consistent video content. Can’t recall if I had issues with the camera, beyond the lousy angle that the dev was adamant about NOT changing “to preserve the old school feel”… translation: “to lose a lot of potential sales because I’m a stupid ass”


Looks like fun, what’s the end game like? Just a take on a rogue-like, you try to get as far as possible each time? Besides train repair, any building?


Tom streamed it at least once


Iron Tides

Banner Saga meets Sunless Sea and Generic Videogame Name Generator?

Might be worth the $15 but I think I’ll let someone else take this one.


I am still new to this, thanks to RPS review, and I like it … the window jumping around is quite neat, why not? At least you need a bit of skill to hit the buttons.
Hotkeys for Gems? not there yet ;)

It is charming so far


Glad you like it. But that kind of thing irritates me. I’m just glad you don’t feel the same way.


A few reviews posted so far, but it sounds okay. It also sounds like a one and done kind of game, and at the mentioned 6.5 hours of content so far, even at the now discounted price, it seems steep for early access. More and more, I detest that method of release. You have to hope that the game will eventually be fully released in a playable state.

Beyond that, though, it sounds like a beer and pretzels style turn based combat game.


This looks interesting… Anyone own it?

Also this is highly praised over at Rock Paper Shotgun.


I don’t own it but I have been considering it strongly. I love the aesthetic and the look of the combat.


it’s on Kongregate, so you should be able to take it for a spin for free. I don’t know if Kongregate has all the episodes. The one I played was a short adventure and some of the screen shots on Steam didn’t look familiar. It’s very much a classic point and click adventure. Some of the lines in the dialog are funny and the music is good. Puzzles were not crazy and actually made sense.

See if it’s still on Kongregate and take it for a spin.


Man, Immortal Planet feels like it has very little buzz. I wonder if it’s because we’re already saturated with Soulslike combat games. Doesn’t seem that way quite yet to me.


I got Immortal Planet on GOG, since I just loved the clean look of the thing. I don’t usually go for “Souls-like” games, but this seems pretty easy to get in to. You do have to grind (that first boss was quite the suprise!), but it’s fun and plays well, with your character turning at 90 degree angles (can still move in any direction). Controls are responsive, the setting is interesting (a planet of immortals, where they revere the Mortals who wrote scripture, etc.), the music/sounds are great and moody, and the vector-like graphics are great. I especially appreciate how nicely things are animated, and the writing is solid.

I’ve only put in a couple of hours so far, but I recommend it at this point.


Immortal Planet seems like a mildly pleasant experience at worst, so I will probably buy it later this year as long as there’s not some fatal flaw in the game.


1931: Scheherazade at the library of Pergamum, the a-bit too numbercrunchy and obfuscate Tokimeki Memorial in the Années Folles published by the Academagia guys, is part of a bundle at indiegala.

I never really got anywhere in that game, getting paralyzed, or in too much of a failstate quickly. I understand the Anime character approach repelled a lot of people, but while I didn’t like it at first, it grew on me and was quite appropriate.


The Shrouded Isle releases today. I had my eye on it a while back but had forgotten all about it.

From what I can tell from this playthrough of the Android version is appears to be King of Dragon Pass meets Lovecraft.

First review is pretty positive so I’m sure I’ll be picking it up.


Oh, I remember that, while I had no souvenir of it either!
The review doesn’t make a good job of describing what the game is like. Its lack of clarity is scaring me into thinking that, maybe, the game is one of those “fuzzy” management games.
One thing it makes very clear, and that I was saddened by, is the apparent emphasis of the humourous aspect of the game. All the recent tongue-in-cheek Lovecraftian efforts have looked like coping-outs to me, more than genuine parodies.
Tomorrow we’ll know!