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I was just glad I didn’t have to actually do anything. Whew!

Well, except chatter incessantly. But hey! That is what I do!


Today is Monday! Tonight our very own Tom Chick is once again streaming the Visually Stunning Anno 1800 - Ubi link


You can find the Twitch stream here.

You can find the non-night mode YouTube stream here.

And you can find the YouTube night mode stream here.

Voting is open for Request Wednesday! The draw for Request Wednesday will be held tonight at 9:00 pm Eastern so why not stop by before that and vote for what game Tom will stream on Wednesday.

If you miss @marquac you can click here!


Tom is getting everyone coffee, and is probably going to stream another hour of this!


I did miss Marq … but I did NOT click there. But now that Tom --and frankly I think he’s still playing and 1800… is off on stream I thank you both. You both know I am too chatty…


And RH? We missed you tonight. I used your name in vain.


I’ve enjoyed Anno 1404 greatly once but mostly because of its visuals and sound. I’m not sure it’s a good game. It looks similar to Impressions city builders but those presented you with unique challenges each mission. Anno 1404 looked more like it allows you to go a little further in a tech tree with each mission and wants you to do basically the same thing again and again. I wonder if 1800 is any different.


Whoops, I zoned out and forgot it was a stream night. Watched the season finale of Westworld instead.

Did Tom build some houses finally?


Mission? Sounds like you were playing the campaign. Don’t do that. As with any good city builder, the real game is the sandbox/open-play mode. Everything else is just a glorified tutorial.


So you play a single map and stop playing it when you’re bored and then uninstall game and burn the disk?


What? Sandbox generates a scenario to your specifications, with victory conditions you set, again as in any good city builder. The map is randomly generated, the challenges are configured to your tastes, and the victory conditions are clear and concrete. I’ve spent many hundreds (likely into the thousands) of hours playing Anno games, maybe 10 of that was spent on the campaigns.


To be able to set my own goals and options would mean destroying a slave inside me first. I am more used to good old seeking of admiration of mission designer, getting a “mission complete” screen that my father had never gave me.

On a more serious note I rarely see point in tinkering with game settings. This means that I’d know the game better than designer himself who is supposed to give me the best parts of the game with hand crafted scenarios or default options. Even if I’d happily lower length setting of most games I want to believe strategy game developers to make default settings right.


What a profoundly alien mentality. There’s endless variety in the open play mode precisely because there is no “right” default setting.


Yes, RH he built houses and a ton of huge ships. Looked pretty good to me. He was even earning money this time!


I enjoy watching Tom play this, but his city looks so messy. :p

The move tool is a god send in this if you want nicer looking cities. :)

My campaign main island below, and I am still tweaking placements, I fear the potato farms will need moving. Get the shovels!


Wow, those cities are so neat they actually look boring. Like London in real life.


London boring? What you talking about Willis?


That made me chuckle. Chapeau to you, Alex.


Good heavens LK that is impressive. Look at those wheat fields!

Tom did have some very pretty ships and shore batteries…


Anno certainly looks good.


Happy Request Wednesday! Tonight (in 30 minutes) our very own monster slayer Tom Chick is streaming Dauntless - Website link.


You can find the Twitch stream here.

You can find the non-night mode YouTube stream here.

And you can find the YouTube night mode stream here.

Dauntless was a Request Wednesday winner. If you have a game that is on Steam or that Tom owns on the PS4 that you would like him to stream, you can leave a vote in the comments section of one of the videos he’s posted on YouTube or stop by the Monday or Friday stream and submit your vote in the chat.