1. A&E want to own their shows. They just started up an internal studio to accomplish that.
  2. Longmire does terribly in "the demo". It has a big audience but that audience is old, and old people do not command good advertising rates.


Yeah I think it did horribly in 16-41 or something like that, which is what they really are aiming for.

I know quite a few folks in NM are pretty disappointed. The production offered up a lot of jobs to locals in the Santa Fe area, from acting all the way down. While the state typically offers up discount rates for entertainment productions (mostly films like Lone Survivor), a more regular production that routinely employed local natives was definitely a boon for the area.

Though I'd still rather see it made in Wyoming, the timing would generally suck (you'd only be able to film in the summer for the most part).

--- Alan


Here is to hoping Netflix or Amazon does pick them up. I really enjoy this show; its one of the last traditional "TV" shows I watch.


Dammit, I hope this gets picked up elsewhere. One of the few shows I genuinely looked forward to each week. Where else am I going to get my regular Katie Sackhoff fix?

This reminds me of SE complaining about TR lack of sales. 5 million weekly viewers is not enough for you? Apparently not, if it is all about 'the demo'. (Of course, I realise it is actually all about profitability...)


Gah, I really hope someone else picks this up. One of my favorite shows...


The fallback would be to read the series? Are the books enjoyable?


Advertisers want to advertise to young people because they're trying to get them hooked to a brand for life. A 20-something might buy 4-5 cars in his lifetime. A 60-something might buy 1-2 more cars.


And this is why we can't have nice things.


Fuck A&E. It had to have the numbers to fund a last season to give the series a decent last season and tie up loose ends. I heard it was their 2nd highest rated show. I know it wasn't the best crime drama, but I was enjoying it quite a bit. Like Sharaleo, it was one of the few shows I looked forward to during the week and part of that was Katee Sackhoff. Hoping Netflix or someone gets rights to continue it.


Robert Taylor posted a really short video where he mentions that "good news is coming".


Word is that the creators have created their pitch and will be presenting in the initial group Amazon and Netflix, both of which appear to be very interested.

--- Alan


Great news!


I missed season 3 because I'm a dope but I really enjoyed seasons 1 & 2. I'm approaching old man status, though, so maybe I'm just the target demographic. It was far from perfect, but I never regretted watching an episode.

I hope they get a pickup from Amazon or the like. It's a show that deserves to stick around.


Netflix to the rescue!

Netflix orders fourth season of Longmire


Man, that’s the best news I heard all week. Netflix keeps on hitting it out of the park.


Yay, this makes me very happy, but sad at the same time because now I will need to get a netflix subscription just so I can watch this one show.


Yeah I reluctantly started a sub last month so I could watch some stuff. I don’t really regret it to be honest; it’s kinda worth having. And Netflix is going big on shows. Big. They also don’t mind diversifying. It’s kinda refreshing.

— Alan


I’ve been an $8-a-month digital streaming only Netflix subscriber for the past 4+ years. In the last couple of years I’ve been very disappointed in Netflix’s move away from featuring the more recent movies and TV shows I originally signed up to be able to watch. I understand that it’s expensive, and other services like Amazon Prime are probably courting providers with better contracts and exclusivity deals, but I really don’t have any interest in watching movies that are 5+ years old and whole seasons of shows I barely remember being on TV in the first place.

Now that Netflix is doing original content and picking up some cancelled shows (like Longmire), I may come back to the fold. I still wish they would forge more deals with cable networks like the one they had a couple of years ago with Starz, it was great being able to watch Spartacus and other shows as soon as their season had finished airing on the network.

All that said, if you have kids, Netflix is awesome. The huge selection of kids movies and shows includes a lot more recent fare than the adult side. My daughter pretty much makes the $8 a month seem like a bargain all by herself as she watches several movies, finds new shows and revisits old favorites on a regular basis. Coupled with the iPad and Chromecast, it’s like she has her own kid’s network on demand any time she wants it.

I’m glad Longmire got picked up by Netflix, and hope it gets multiple seasons. My wife loves the show as well, and was angry when A&E dropped it with the season finale such a cliffhanger. Now if only Netflix would bring back Almost Human…


My problem is that my sub would be for just this one show and absolutely nothing else. I don’t watch movies very often (almost never really) and anything on TV I just DVR. I tried using netflix a few years ago and the streaming would constantly stutter so hopefully it is better now.


Glad to hear that Netflix is on board for Season 4 and that it will be available in Canada. As a heads up for Canadian fans, APTN will be showing S3 beginning on November 28th.