Los Angeles' "Carmageddon"

Its ending early, and I’m a little disappointed. It was nice in a strange way.

Me too, it actually made me think Angelino’s, on the whole, are smarter than I’d given them credit for. :)


No, really. Wow.

The lack of a carpocalypse was hardly surprising - they gave these same dire warnings for the '84 Olympics and all it did was scare everyone into avoiding the whole area. Which, I suppose, is a good thing up to a point, but from the cartrastrophe standpoint, it was doomed to be a total bust.

Beyond all those Carmageddon/Cartrastrophe/Carpocalypse words to add to the Oxford English Dictionary. ;-)

I always figured the Carmageddon would involve more pedestrians.

When are they remaking that game, by the way?

Not soon enough.

I don’t know how you guys live with that smog all the time. Several years ago I spent Christmas in the LA area and on Christmas Day itself my uncle took me for a drive around the area because the traffic was so light. Still a boatload of smog.

Makes me glad I live in the Seattle area. We may not have near round “perfect” weather, but at least the air is kept clean by the rain! ;-)

Man, I’ll take LA/OC’s 73-and-sunny-360-days-a-year weather where it’s never muggy and my allergies have vanished over Seattle any day of the week. :)

Smog doesn’t seem bad to me. Maybe I’m just used to it. I hear it was much worse in the '70s.

Smog? What smog? It’s awesome here, though apparently it used to be much worse.

Sarkus, I suspect you’re confusing haze with smog. We don’t get smog like we used to. But we do get plenty of low-lying haze that makes the sky look murky. That isn’t smog.

That said, if you’re used to the air in, say, Portland or Vermont City or Paradise Falls or Mayberry or wherever you other people live, LA might smell a bit like bus fumes from time to time.


Ha, well-said, Tom.

Calling it smog may have been an exagerration, but what do you think haze is, then? While you can get haze from some natural phenomenon, such as dust, its unrealistic to think what is common in LA and most major cities is due to that. It’s just air pollution that doesn’t quite reach the level of health hazard that it gets officially defined as smog. I’ve lived in places where you can get a heat haze on a hot day, but that’s not what is going on in LA in that picture above or what I saw on that Christmas day several years ago. Take away all the people and cars and the view wouldn’t be that obscured.

I realize I’m spoiled having spent most of my life in rural areas or now in the natural air cleaner that is Seattle weather, but even Seattle gets that “haze” when there are several days of warm weather. It’s still air pollution.

Yeah, thankfully we don’t have to deal with that anymore apparently.

Seriously, not to derail, but fuck Seattle’s weather right in its dreary eye. No summer for two years running just isn’t acceptable.

It seems that way but so far this month has only been slightly cooler then normal. And last month was drier (and colder) then normal, so who knows.

Plus there are supposed to be some warmer days in the next week, mixed in with rain and cold. ;-)

Years ago I used to operate one of the beach concessions in Vancouver. There were four viable months for business – May through August – with July and August being critical to actually making decent money for the year.

I would be curled up on the floor and weeping if I was managing a concession this year. The weather has not been flat-out horrible but it has been gray and rather unsummer-like far longer than usual.

I checked my blog from last year and the earliest post tagged Africa Hot is from July 7th. It was 26C that day and felt like 30C.

The Weather Network is predicting a high of 17C for Wednesday. That’s six degrees (about 11 degrees in that nutty Fahrenheit scale) below normal.

I’m with BTG here. Summer '11 sucks.

Also, traffic in L.A. and stuff.

Any number of things, but it’s not the same as smog. We rarely get smog alerts, but we routinely have haze. And it’s not a matter of LA being more polluted than any other major city so much as it’s a matter of us being in a basin where airborne particulates get trapped.

I’m not trying to sell you on moving to LA based on our pristine air, but we’re a city that used to have a very serious smog problem in the 70s. That’s no longer the case, so you’ll have to forgive us for being a little touchy when you people from the forests and whatnot see a little low-lying cloud cover and assume it’s smog. :)


“You could see the ocean from here, if you could see it.”


Winter is coming, bitches!


And that’s why I left 7 years ago. Seattle is beautiful and all but fuck the weather just sucks.