LOTRO Europe

Are you sure he’s named Bergham? I cant add him as friend

Cheers. I thought premium players were getting more questing zones for free. I must have been mistaken though, it seems it’s only subbed people. Still, I stopped playing because I found the level 40 area a bit lonely. Hopefully this will change by the time I get there with my new character.

The one thing I did notice though is that the starting area (I’m in the Dwarfish starting area) is now instanced. It wasn’t before, from what I can remember, so it was a lot busier with a lot more chat.

If anyones coming online this evening, I may be on Anwulf instead of Falco, so add him as well in case you want an invite to the kin

It’s Bregham. I’m a dumbass.

heh - no worries :-D

Btw, if someone tells me and I dont answer, I’m probably doing some cooking - Making 172 Stuffed cabbages takes a while so I’m doing other stuff at the same time :-)

My Char is Rogrim Dwarven Minstrel. I wont be on too much as I still have New Vegas to finish ;-)

It would seem there’s some anti-exploit … things in place which I thought were nice.

Yesterday I was doing the Kill-lots-of-spiders-quests in the Ered Luin, which also entails saving a dwarf who’s holed up in the spiders nest. As I was fighting the last of the spiders an opportunistic bastard ran past me and went up and started the escort part of the mission, leaving me to wait for a respawn. I was just about to let him know my feelings on the matter when I got all the rewards for finishing the quest, straight up.
No idea how the game recognized this or if there was a GM watching but I thought it was a nice touch. It would be even better if the loser had to redo the quest and wait for a respawn and maybe he had to.

OK i’m in now, thanks for the invite.

Well, the Kin has started up nicely - we had 4 people online at the same time last night, which was great - As Stelios said, the kin is turning into a veritable horde :-D

Anyways - the rest of you guys who said you were interested, feel free to call on me or the rest of the guys in the Kin and lets have some fun together! :-)

Yeah, you guys are even nicer in real time than you’re on a delay. So everyone, join up and send our broke asses some money.

Just a quick reminder that there is room for more in the Qt3 Europe kin - We’ve got a few more members since last time, so things are crazy!

Anyways, give me a shout either here or in-game (Falco)

See ya in middlearth.

And there are will be Muffins to boot. Falcos treat!

And if you’re lucky you might get a rendition of such dwarven top hits as “Gold, Beer and Axes”, “Axes, Axes, Axes”, “Drinking Beer and chopping heads with my Golden Axe”, “Size isn’t eveything, it’s the calibre that matter” and that huge singalong hit “Gold! Gold! Gold!” sung (or rather shouted) by everyone’s favorite Minstrel whose name escapes me at the moment! He claims he doesn’t do requests, but will do pretty much anything for beer.

As several worried users have been wondering whether the name “Wardens of Tharbad” is an ironic, twisted in-joke or just a totally cool and awesome name for a Kinship, we are preparing a short yet eye-glazing statement detailing its amazing history and origin.

LOL nice

Ah, yes, the first gathering of the Wardens of Tharbad head honchos at the Boar Fountain in Bree. As we can see our intrepid leader Falco knows his way around a kitchen (and that’s why we love him). Plus, free muffins! To the right is our beloved Guardian with poor people skills Bregham and on the left my alt Arnwidh, a Captain with a huge Dwarf complex. Sadly, our famous Dwarf Minstrel (whose name escapes me at the moment) was deeply involved with creating fine art and battle-poetry in Thorin’s Halls and could not attend. Or even stand up straight. The hawt elf Hunter chick Starless was eating mushrooms and hugging trees in the Old Forest and had no intention of going anywhere just because some Men said so.

Other beautiful people have also joined The Wardens of Tharbad’s tireless fight against The Eye of Sauron - bravely wrestling with the lack of *#[email protected] tin ore while eating elevensies (twice) daily, shouting in public and poking implements of violence where the sun doesn’t shine. Why don’t you?

Apologies for not being around much, wife has been unwell and given it to me as well.

Dont worry about it, Reemul…just send money and all is fine ;-)

In other news, the server seemed to be laggin insanely for me last night - Everytime I did something that required it to send data to me,it just frooze…like, talking to a vendor, questgiver, looting, stuff like that- really annoying

The Wardens of Tharbad kin is still going strong - Hey, we’re a rank 4 kin now :-W

But, its always open for more member, so come have fun with us, and those of you who havent been onlin for a while, come join us for some fun :-)

blame TWII… I tried to get my Alt in yesterday but no one was on anymore. Maybe I will try again today. For Muffins and Beer!!