Lou Dobbs Resigns - John King to Fill Timeslot

Lou Dobbs, the most opinionated and divisive anchor at a cable network that bills itself as a straight-news oasis, resigned from CNN on Wednesday night, saying in his final broadcast that he wants “to go beyond the role” of a television journalist in tackling the country’s problems.

Framing his move as a response to the urging of “some leaders in media, politics and business,” Dobbs struck a populist tone, attempting to position himself as a political leader who would mount a campaign “to overcome the lack of true representation in Washington, D.C.” He said that public debate was now defined by “partisanship and ideology” and that he would continue to speak out “in the most honest and direct language possible.”

Liberal groups such as NDN and Media Matters had mounted a “Dump Dobbs” campaign, and Latino organizations challenged such Dobbs declarations as his 2006 statement that about one-third of the U.S. prison population “is estimated to be illegal aliens”–which the anchor later acknowledged was way too high. But his position at CNN seemed secure.


CNN announced Thursday that John King, the Sunday morning host best known for his magic wall, is taking over the 7 p.m. slot left vacant by the abrupt resignation of Lou Dobbs.

The decision, described by network sources, amounts to a doubling down on straight news. King, a former Associated Press writer, is known for his reporting and neutral approach to politics, while Dobbs has grown increasingly opinionated in recent years, especially on such issues as his opposition to illegal immigration.


One down …

How amusing that CNN thinks of itself as a ‘straight news oasis’. Best joke ive heard in many many days.

You don’t hear many jokes, do you?

I didn’t mind Dobbs too much, though he stuck his foot in his mouth on occasion. But after trying to perpetuate the “Obama birth certificate” bullshit, he deserved to get shit-canned right then and there, much like Dan Rather did after the national guard documents. That was an inexcusable and indefensible lapse of judgment by Dobbs.

Now he can dedicate all of his time to proving our President is not a US citizen.

Also, more fodder for the Daily Show.

Dobbs 2012!

John King’s touch pad wall will go sentient in early 2010 and take over his time slot.

U.S. Deports Lou Dobbs

Next stop: Faux Nooze!

The FCC should step in to make sure that Fox does not have a monopoly on crazy.

As long as MSNBC and CNN exist that will never be possible.


Wrong, my opinion of him is he is a far left wing liberal with horrible ideas for america. Most of the rest of that stuff is stupid BS that I have never and will never believe in, he is very close to if not already a socialist, so you may be correct with believing that about him. But not the rest of it.

Can you name and cite one of these ideas please?

His health care ideas, cap and trade, his opposition to gay marriage, wanting to give illegal immigrants legal status, higher taxes for the ‘rich’. All of those things are bad ideas for america.

Opposition to gay marriage is a “far left wing liberal” idea?

Healthcare ideas, is it?

You do recall that he asked Congress for proposals of their own, he said that now was the time for healthcare reform. He stated a preference for a bill with a public option, but he left that, as I said, to congress.

Sooo… no <<fingerquote>>healthcare ideas<<fingerquote>> ideas of his own, per se. Or did you mean that it was a bad idea to actually say that reform was necessary?

Now, in regards to gay marriage… Here’s something you lack. A source. His position is nuanced, and he has voted against such things as DOMA. Do you know what that is?

I’d go through the rest of your claims, but at this time I grow bored, and it’s just easier to call you a crypto-racist.

So, you’re a crypto-racist, with terrible ideas for America.

No, it seems to be something that people of different ideological backgrounds oppose. I listed it because its something I disagree with him on.

Is Lou Dobbs coming out of the closet?