Lou Dobbs Resigns - John King to Fill Timeslot

Of course I do, but it gets old to hear that every new program will be paid for by more taxes on the’ rich’. Personally I believe in a no deduction flat tax, but thats for a discussion far outside of this thread.

You guys are spending way too much effort getting trolled. C’mon, QT3 usually knows better.

The difference between a progressive tax and a flat tax is?

itym keynes. read von mises

i disagree with the classification. he seems to fit under this genus rather. your more common troll often seems more joyous in his posting. the picture shows a truly beautiful, and to me, accurate representation.

Stone Deaf is one of the few truly invincible Warriors because nothing can shatter his impenetrable armor of non recognition. His primitive battle strategy is maddening effective; he simply refuses to acknowledge any arguments he doesn’t like. Kung-Fu Master can hammer away with devastating blows, Cyber Sisters can screech in full throat and Profundus Maximus can expound until he drops, but Stone Deaf remains utterly oblivious as he advances his dogged and often repetitious attacks. In the early stages of battle a wide array of Warriors will fling themselves at Stone Deaf, but inevitably they fall back exahusted or lose interest when they see that their best weapons have no effect. His only real enemy is Admin, who has the power to eject him from the discussion forum.

Hey now, it’s possible he legitimately supports the collapse of the middle class.

Wow. You’ve never been to other westernized countries if you think Obama is very left wing liberal. He’s equivalent of a right of center here in Canada. Seriously, dude, the 1950s “Red Scare” were sixty years ago, time to grow up.

Cap and Trade is a variant of the system used in the Clean Air Act of 1990. It is a capitalistic approach to resolving environmental issues. Anyone that thinks Cap and Trade is a socialistic program has no idea what they are talking about.

I was going to ask why you guys are letting yourselves get trolled like this, but looks like AdamB already got there.

Dang, late to the dance.

Yeah, it takes a few weeks to figure out that Brett’s out of his mind crazy, reactionary, and sort of stupid. Then re-trolling him becomes quite fun.

I’m not sorry to see Dobbs go. He represents the worst of this country…the angry, populist white male.

I find him unwatchable. I’d rather watch Hannity, which is painful enough. I do think CNN is trying to find the middle of the road and Cambpell sometimes has some great segments.

You like Campbell? She makes my skin crawl; reminds me of all those career Midwestern women that I met while living in the Midwest. And the stories I’ve seen her do always seem banal or shallow, but maybe I just haven’t seen her at her best.

BTW… I agree with you about Dobbs, on both counts. As douchy as Hannity is, at least he’s entertaining on some horrible level. Dobbs is just a pissed off willfully ignorant white male.

Are these women in the midwest making a career out of being women, or a career out of being midwestern? Do women make your skin crawl? Is it midwesterners?

Many types of midwesterners. In particular, of the career woman variety.

Campbell is southern not Midwestern. I like her guest segments the best b/c she has the most sensible, diverse guests. I don’t watch much CNN, Fox, MSNBC to start but I’ll watch her if she has a really good guest.

Bush is a socialist as well? Along with the majority in the houses. THANKS, BRETT, I DID NOT KNOW THIS UNTIL NOW!

People who bandy that term around with regard to American politicians rarely can actually define the term correctly.

ProTip: governments owning stakes in companies is a far, far cry from ‘socialism’ (if it were not, almost every nation on the planet with actual wealth would be ‘socialist’). Russia, for example, is probably the most laissez-faire nation on the planet at the moment in terms of economic policy (although mainly out of necessity - the Russian business owner still isn’t comfortable with the whole concept of paying taxes thing.) Russia also happens to own several large oil companies and use them as geopolitical tools, not out of a desire to Bring Sexy (Socialism) Back, but because they view control of their natural resources as necessary for state security.

There are very, very few actual socialist nations because socialism doesn’t work and the few countries that are (Cuba, North Korea) are basket cases and even those two are lurching towards free market reforms. And if you can say with a straight face that Barack Obama is more socialist than Kim Jong Il, you have more of a taste for magical realism than I.

Lum, why do you hate America?

Because it’s a socialist country - duh!

Wait, isn’t Reason a libertarian^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hcryptofascist rag anyhow?