Lucifer TV show

Anyone else watching this? I love it. I feel like its going to be canceled though. I hope not.

The lead really makes the show for me. Yes, it feels like Castle all over again, but I don’t really care. It’s fun.

Grim Reaper has it as likely for renewal.

I’m enjoying it, the lead is really good. This weeks episode with the priest was genuinely moving tv. I would love to know if he actually plays piano.

I’ve been avoiding it because it’s such a fucking stupid way to adapt one of the best comics of all time. But if it’s actually good at what it is doing, I might get around to it.

It’s gotten… better, I guess? I’m definitely entertained still when I watch it. I could see someone hating it though.

I really want him to get killed and then show up 5 minutes later (while they are still mourning over his body), and say, “What did you think would happen? Come on, let’s go out and get a beer.”

Yeah I love the dude that plays Lucifer. I really want the show to get to the point where some of the other characters believe, or at least more seriously question, that he is actually the devil. They have gone there a few times but there is always an out for the other characters, like when the co-star female cop shot him and he bled. I love the scenes when he goes full on devil and scares people with his devil face/eyes or demonstrates super-human powers like throwing a dude through a glass wall or lifting a guy up with one hand, etc.

Count me in as a lover of the show, the dialog between Lucy and the rest of the cast is great. Also, as ignorant as I am about biblical stuff, I love searching if much of it is true…according to the bible that is.

Oh and Lesley-Ann Brandt is smokin’ hot!

Just finished watching this and really loved it. Tom Ellis is superb as Lucifer. Loved the episode with the satanists in it. Also the fight between Lucifer and Amenadiel was excellent.

Liked the ending and looking forward to who they are looking for. Wouldn’t mind a few scenes with Lucifer popping back to hell as well, liked the glimpse we had at the end of it.

Roll on September…

I wasn’t aware this got renewed for a 2nd season! Then to top it off Tricia Helfer is joining for S2!

Yeah the dude playing Lucifer is awesome.

I liked this, but it could have used a lot more supernatural to make it feel more different than a typical cop show.

Olaf, good news. It isn’t doing great, but no FOX shows are doing very well, so (ratings wise) it’s the tallest dwarf and looks a good bet to be renewed.

I didn’t mind the first season, but I don’t think the second has been particularly good.

I am not watching it until all episodes are available. I find being able to watch series quickly and together improves the show no end. that is the same for most shows, I find waiting a week for each episode plus missing the odd one and being even further behind effects my enjoyment.

I think the thing with Lucifer this season is that there has been a tonal switch. Its gone all serious and its not as fun as season one was. It is still an enjoyable show and it has its funny moments but it has become quite the dark drama of late.

Maze taking the little monkey trick or treating was rather funny, in fact Maze has been doing most of the heavy lifting in the humor department this season.

Nailed it. Hopefully they can get back to more fun and still further the meta-story.

That’s great news![quote=“Profanicus, post:14, topic:78367, full:true”]
I didn’t mind the first season, but I don’t think the second has been particularly good.

I agree with this. The second season has been somewhat disappointing. It’s very frustrating to me that the female lead foil still does not know he is the literal devil.

I think thats why they had him reveal himself to his shrink. She literally shut down when faced with the reality of it. If he reveals himself to the detective, their relationship is over and so is the main plot of the show. I honestly do not believe most people could handle straight up irrefutable proof of the existence of Lucifer, that would carry a whole lot of collateral truths including the existence of God. And who among us would feel they have lived their lives to Gods approval? Its one thing to have a religion where your every action is judged, most people have enough doubt to handle that, remove that doubt and all hell would break loose.
So if him revealing himself to the detective is frustrating you, this is likely not the show for you because I doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon.

So the show is on pause until January 2017. I am still loving it. Metacritic ratings are still not good.