Mafia: Trilogy, including full remake of masterpiece Mafia: City of Lost Heaven

I am mind blown, never would have expected Take2 to greenlight full remake of Dan Vávra’s first masterpiece.

Here are the first screenshots:

Oh that looks sweet. I was hoping for a Mafia 4 (in the 80s!) but this will do for now.

Oh this is incredible. The first game is probably in my all-time top ten. Hopefully they don’t stray too far with the music…

Who can recognize what mission the second and third screenshots are from?

Bon Apetit! Hello Pepé!

Those screenshots are gorgeous and they couldn’t have picked a better game to remake.

Any word if Mafia 2 will get more polish, it was really a rough game, felt unfinished.

I will gladly replay Mafia 1, and I have yet to install Mafia 3. I hope to play it this summer!

That game had such wonderful skyboxes. I absolutely loved the look of the sun shining with dark rain clouds on the horizon.

Wow. I hope they also redo some of the missions in Mafia 1 to be less brutal.

Yeah, I was thinking I hope they don’t make too many changes to the game beyond graphics, but I could definitely go for some more difficulty controls and quick save/load.

This is excellent news! I loved Mafia 2, and I’ve dabbled a little bit with 3, but it hasn’t grabbed me to the same degree. Excellent choice for remakes!

It’d be nice to have something more to do in the city as well.

Those Mafia 1 remake shots are gorgeous. It’s one of my favorite games ever, so I cannot wait to see the full reveal next week.

Didn’t one of these games have Cypress Hill for the soundtrack?

I think that was Kingpin, by the team that would go on to make the campaign for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

I actually thoroughly enjoyed no 3, probably more than 2. To a certain extent, your choices matter unlike 2 that was on rails. Also, being non U.S. the experience of New Orleans in those years was an eye opener. Worth giving it a try.

I’m having flashbacks about that car race in Mafia 1. 😅

Here’s a trailer for the Mafia 2 remaster (here’s the O.G. “Boom” video for comparison):

@Clay pre-patch, that was one of the most frustrating experiences ever, especially since there was so many great missions on the other side of that giant jump in difficultly.

I remember spending hours doing it and finally completing it, only then to just say fuck this game and quitting.

Pre patch or post patch? I still have nightmares of the pre patch rage quits. :)

That Mafia 2 remaster video doesn’t look much better than the original?!

You dun fucked up