Malwarebytes paid version?


Hmm anyone else experiencing this yet?

Just kind of gets stuck like this until I eventually get a real-time protection non enabled error again 15 minutes later.


That would explain why I had a second protection error window overnight. Same thing is happening to me.


Looks like they are on to it, at least.


Yup, same issue here on Windows 7.

Seems a fair number of people are having the issue:


Oh, awesome, nice catch.


That’s some bullshit - I demand a ‘you go girl’!

Phew, I feel like I have participated in the meme now.


They claim it is fixed. Mine is working fine.


Success here as well, though I did have to quit and restart the program, it restarted with the web protection already running.


Yep, all good for me too. Not a bad turn around from their team.


Yeah, I liked how they were so fast AND open about it.

They should go, girl.


Anyone else having issues with realtime web protection service periodically stopping since 3.2.2 update?


I just updated over the weekend but haven’t seen any issues yet, on a Windows 10 host. Are you getting any error message?


Been running 3.2.2 on 3 machines since it was released. No issues.


Yup. I get the “web protection isn’t running” pop-up; clicking Real Time Protection to “on” results in “Starting…” indefinitely. Windows 7.


Try the MBAM forums.


I had this issue a few updates back and tried everything myself or others on their forum could think of. Eventually, I just uninstalled/reinstalled and it was fixed.


Reinstall seems to have done the trick.


MBAM pushed out an update this morning that eats all available memory and pegs your CPU until things crash. I’ve had to disable it on my two machines.

Their forums are blowing up right now.

Inexcusable that shit doesn’t get tested before it’s pushed out to their entire userbase.


OMG you’re not kidding, my PC is a mess right now.


Same here :/