Marathon - Bungie and Sony, PvP Extraction

A sci-fi PvP extraction shooter, Marathon will find players engaging one another as cybernetic mercenaries known as Runners, exploring a lost colony on the planet of Tau Ceti IV in search of riches, fame, and infamy. Marathon is currently in development for PlayStation 5 and PC with full cross-play and cross-save.

Marathon is designed from the start as a PvP-focused game and won’t have a single-player campaign.

Feh, just play this instead:

But that doesn’t have live service seasons and battle pass grinding!

Oh, look, a PvP extraction shooter. No one’s doing those!

It seems like extraction shooter is the new Battle Royale which was the new MOBA which was the new etc.

This might be an increasingly dated impression, but the story in Marathon 2: Durendal is one of my all-time favorite stories in any video game.

So this new game had better live up to that, or else. Or else I guess I won’t buy it.

I think the difference is that there have been mega-hit MOBAs and Battle Royales now. But I don’t think any extraction shooter has been a megahit in the same way yet.

Yeah, I don’t think we’re anywhere near Peak Extraction Shooter yet.

Funny you say that, because I think with Marathon Bungie managed to exceed even Halo and Destiny in crawling up their own ass with their lore. Curious to see how this game carries that forward.

Tarkov is the only “name” that’s really hit it and I think it’s too hardcore for general audience success.

I think I tried Marathon 2: Durendal on XBLA and was very unimpressed with the demo. It’s funny because most retro stuff I’ve tried in recent years (Quake, Doom, etc) has held up really well.

Here you go, tell you everything you want to know plus a lot of stuff you probably don’t.

Nostalgia is an amazing drug. Marathon is one of those that fires up pleasure centres just thinking about it.

I’d much rather have a Night Dive style revival of Marathon 1 and 2 than whatever this is going to be.

That’s my impression, I’ve enjoyed watching a few streams of Tarkov with a favorite streamer, but the gameplay looks way too intense for me to actually play. I was happy Durendal got mentioned, odd IP to resurrect but why not? Maybe we’ll get a Skynet revival.

I think the Call of Duty DMZ mode has been pretty successful.

I think in terms of sheer numbers, I’m sure CoD’s DMZ does have a bunch of players, but I think that’s just due to the gigantic CoD pool. It’s not captured the zeitgeist of extraction mode games and it’s certainly not the most populated mode for CoD players.

At any rate, I’m sure Bungie can make a competent F2P extraction game. I just wish they hadn’t thrown the corpse of Marathon into a wheelbarrow and trotted it around the stage for this.

Well that made me laugh.

16 posts and nobody has commented on the art direction! It has to be one of the most refreshing futuristic AAA visual styles I’ve seen in ages. Those colours, all that white and sleek, biological(?) tech. Reminds me of Chris Foss, Designers Republic and The Mad Capsule Markets’ PULSE video. I liked what I heard of the music too.

Yeah, I’m not familiar with the original game(s?) but it’s a really fucking weird thing to shoe it into an extraction shooter.

I’m holding out for a current-tech remake of Pathways into Darkness, myself!

It was a really stylish trailer but that’s a licensed track, not original game music.

Holding out hope for a charming pixel art farming sim reinterpretation of Oni.