March 2010 Web Browser Poll

I actually use Iron now, but I voted Chrome because it’s basically the same thing.

Firefox 3.6 at home and at work. I used the new Chrome for a few months recently, and I much prefer it for aesthetic, architectural and performance reasons but it lacks numerous features and a few tools I’ve grown used to having in Firefox. When the Chrome/Iron extensions library catches up I’ll switch back.

poll fail because it’s not multiple choice.

I use all three browsers at home. chrome for general use, firefox for when things are !@#$ed up in Chrome, and IE for anything having to do with sharepoint or outlook web access.

I blame the terrible IE7/8 UI.

Tempting as that is, people who make a conscious choice regarding their web browser use Firefox or Chrome. IE6 is still in use because that’s what came with XP.

I gave Chrome a try but went back to Firefox. Couldn’t get used to tabs being in the title bar.

I’ve heard the latest release has broken a lot of seemingly random stuff for people. I’m using Opera 10.50 myself, though I haven’t encountered any problems yet.

Currently running on 64-bit Windows 7.

I’m trying safari at the moment, it has some features that I like, but like Itunes seems to incur the Spinny wheel thing or worse (better?) the watch icon thing a lot on a mac and I really haven’t got my head round the way it manages bookmarks yet.

Otherwise I use firefox.

I run all of the mentioned browers above (except Opera) from time to time, but mostly I use IE8.

The way that Chrome has jettisoned legacy cruft like “title bars” and “menus” in favor of usability is superb. One of the saddest things I’ve seen is Chrome on MACOSX, where the system prevents you from getting rid of menu bars, and therefore the Fitts’ Law benefits of top-level tabs are completely destroyed.

I wouldn’t mind Chrome if it didn’t disable the taskbar under Windows 7. I usually use Firefox, but sometimes open IE for checking additional Gmail accounts.

It doesn’t. Did you hit F11 to put it in full-screen mode?

Does Chrome have same type of stuff as noscript, ad block, flashblock, etc now?


I voted Safari though, because I just bought a new iMac this month and I don’t think I’ll be using my netbook all that much.

There is a version of Adblock and Flashblock.

Chrome extensions

I should mention that I do think that Safari is the best browser on OS X. It’s no Chrome but it’s good enough.

I haven’t tried any Chrome variants on linux so my vote goes to FF there.

But Windows 7 Chrome is too awesome. I use 6 must have extensions with it:

  1. Autopagerize for Chrome

Not having to ever hit next page on my favorite sites is too awesome.

  1. Docs PDF/Powerpoint Viewer (by Google)

Don’t have a Powerpoint viewer on my computer and I prefer to not download PDFs if possible.

  1. Google Reader Notifier

Displays my unread count in Google Reader and is a nice link)

  1. LastPass

A godly awesome password manager. The killer feature for me was autologin on sites that don’t have autologin.

  1. RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)

I always wondered why this was never in Chrome. I guess they don’t want to add a UI element that the uneducated masses don’t use. But it’s as essential as anything.

  1. Send Using Gmail (no button)

Allows me to send emails from mailto: links in Gmail instead of Outlook without cluttering the UI with another button.

At home, Chrome has largely supplanted Firefox. I dearly miss the Gmail manager add-on (let’s you check multiple Gmail and Google/apps accounts), and I wish you could force new tabs to be selected by default, but otherwise, I’ve been seduced by the browser’s speed.

Chrome whenever i can. We need IE for some stuff at work.

I’ve been using Epiphany on Linux. They’ve just recently switched rendering engines from Gecko to Webkit and there are some rough edges still (no right-click to open a new tab, for example), but it’s a nice, clean, elegant browser.

On the Mac I’ve been using Chrome. I’ve never really liked Safari for simple little reasons. Like the fact you used to have to explicitly enable tabbed browsing (which is, thankfully, no longer the case), or that there is no option to auto close the download popup, or the fact that you can’t customize the search bar, etc. Chrome doesn’t have a lot of customizable options, either, but it is fast and its UI gets out of my way.

Nobody seems to have told my employer, as we are still stuck with IE6. Luckily we have FF 3.5 as an alternative, so I wouldn’t even bother with IE if they did upgrade it to a newer version. (No Chrome available.)