March 2010 Web Browser Poll

Firefox 95% of the time, mostly for adblock and noscript. 5% of the time I have to use IE for something work related.

I’m not surprised at these results.

I’ve been using Epiphany on Linux. They’ve just recently switched rendering engines from Gecko to Webkit and there are some rough edges still (no right-click to open a new tab, for example), but it’s a nice, clean, elegant browser.

See, I’m glad I added the category for other. I knew there would be one person that had to pull some crazy Linux browser out.

I can’t wait to see the results for the April 2010 Web Browser Poll!


I found Stand unstable and use Glims with Safari now, along with ClickToFlash. Everything is smooth, tabs act like I’m used to from Opera, download window can be set to close after an amount of time or immediately after finishing all downloads, tabs are remembered (although multiple windows are merged into one window with all those tabs on next start).

Firefox has unfortunately been slow and unstable for me (Ubuntu build crashes often, and slows down after some days of operation; Mac build is slow from the get-go). It’s a shame, because the Zimbra admin page is completely broken in Safari.

I tried Chrome but the extensions aren’t at Firefox level yet so I reverted back. I liked how fast and well it worked however. A couple small fixes or tweaks and I would switch.

I still have IE 6 on my work computer. :(

It’s horrible.

I’m on Chrome on my home PC though.

I used Elinks for the longest time but I stopped when it became obvious that no one was going to produce an ad-blocker for it. Viewing images was also a pain in the arse.

I’ve been using Fx since pre-release and I don’t see a switch coming any time soon. I’ve had Opera installed at times, and Chrome and IE8 are currently installed, too, but IE8 is only used via Coral IE Tab in Fx when I’m checking something out or need it because some wonky website will only work with IE8 (often times because of a strange redirect that Fx thinks will never complete, but works fine in IE8, on a perfectly legit/clean site). I only installed Chrome to check it out; it was okay, but offered nothing that enticed me.

I’m switching my vote from FF to Chrome. Now that they have extensions (including my beloved Speed Dial) and they were the only browser still standing at the Hack-a-Thon last week, I made the switch.

I agree. I was a huge FF user until I tried Chrome with extensions. The news from the hack a thon just reinforced my choice.

I just got an email today saying we’re upgrading!

To… IE7… still a huge improvement.

How good is Chrome’s extension support these days? Last time I checked, there weren’t many and they were a bit of a PITA to get working. In terms of plain-vanilla browsing, I prefer Chrome to Firefox, but I can’t give up some extensions like Adblock and Flashblock.

Can’t speak to support but Chrome does have Adblock and Flashblock covered, although I can’t say how they actually measure up. They also have a few other essentials I rely on including LastPass and Xmarks. It still lacks most or all of the little features and utilities that I’ve grown used to having, and I don’t like its webdev tools as much as Firefox’s. I want to make the switch to Chrome because I love using it, but there are still too many things missing for me.

I stopped using Chrome because I kept getting these really annoying full page pop ads and such and I couldn’t figure out how to stop them. I had Adblock and Flashblock installed as I do in Firefox, yet I never see them in Firefox.

Huh. Adblock works as well in Chrome as in FF for me, and I haven’t noticed any popups with it. I probably only visit 15 or so sites on a regular basis though, so I may not be representative.

I don’t use Flashblock, so I can’t say about that.

Chrome extensions are good enough for me at this point.