March 8, 2022, Apple Event

This looks like exactly I have wanted for years. How much though?

I’m just waiting to see the price tag. No interest in the display, but that Mac Studio looks very interesting.

Not gonna be cheap - they’re going for pro business users. I’m gonna guess starting at $1799.

Maybe more given how much faster it is than the Mac Pro.

Becha the stand is still 1k.

Why don’t they compare M1 Ultra to M1 Max?

They are probably going after the MacPro/iMac Pro users.

Yeah, I’m upping my price guess to starting at $1999.

That is going to hurt the bank account, but it sure looks great

I doubt this thing even comes without an Ultra.

Nah, they benchmarked it with all 3 M1 processors.

Ah, ok. Missed that.

Hah, mac studio and 3 studio displays on that desk.

Not entirely clear why the iPad Pro still exists. It has faceID and a 120Hz display, and for that it’s an additional $200. Value proposition is always a hard sell for Apple, but they probably boxed themselves into another 13" MBP situation there.

Mac Studio is going to be stupid expensive for basically two mac minis stacked on top of one another.

I’m very interested in how the GPU scales up with two M1 Maxes and an interconnect.

I want a powerful PC in a cute little box like that!

Ima gonna let @Chris_Johnson go for it and live vicariously through him.

Studio Display is only 27" - boo!

32" or riot!

The 27" is going to be expensive enough, I can’t imagine what they would charge for a 32"

Apple looks at retina as basically doubled resolution, this is why their 27" displays are 5k; it’s double 1440p.

I agree, though. Ideal for me would be a 30" 4k screen. With mini-LED and HDR600 or better. And VRR.

This thing is gonna be $2k easy.

If it could play games, you would be. But I don’t need an M1 Ultra or a screen. M1 Max and 32 MB RAM Studio please.