Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

Interesting lineup for a “tactical” game. Captain Marvel and Dr. Strange’s powers (per the movies/comics) are exponential to say Captain America or Wolverine. Captain Marvel is a Superman equivalent, and Strange’s powers are typically off-the-charts. So either they will be severely nerfed, or why would you take anyone else?

Well, per the movies, Dr. Strange will make mistakes when he’s goaded by his ego, and Captain Marvel can get a call from some other planet and will just leave in the middle of your tactical battle.

It’ll undoubtedly be handled the way literally every superhero game handles it: By normalizing their gameplay power and focusing on using per-character mechanics and visuals to communicate their particular awesomeness.

Telefrog, that would be so cool if in game!

I think that makes for a very interesting contrast to me. It takes IM out of his comfort zone. In addition Jake Solomon has said that there will be some conflict in the game between IM and Dr. Strange re: tech vs magic. Sounds interesting to me.

Surprised no one has posted the IGN interview with Jake Solomon, lots of good info here:

An interesting take away is that we haven’t seen all of the heroes in the trailer. Jake says that 12 heroes will be available, but there are only 10 (including the “Hunter”) in the trailer so there will be 2 to 3 more available to play.

It’s also interesting that Marvel approached Firaxis and the Xcom team about doing this game because some of them were big fans of XCom (in fact in their first meeting, a senior exec VP had some issues about the final battle in War of the Chosen he wanted to tell Jake about :) )

You’ve heard of three of them, because you saw New Mutants and liked Anya Taylor-Joy in it - she’s playing Magik in that movie!

Nico Minoru is one of the Runaways, and you can see her in the Hulu show.

Ah, right, I forgot that’s who that’s supposed to be! The chick whose mutant genes let her summon a magic sword and a pet dragon! Comic books, man.

But if I recall correctly, they never said her name was Magik in New Mutants, did they? Just like they never call Vulture by name in Spider-Man: Homecoming or Taskmaster by name in Black Widow. I mean, I know they’re supposed to be those characters, but I love how movie makers get selectively sheepish about comic books silliness.


Firaxis (Jake Solomon especially) plus Marvel?

Say no more.

Thanks for linking that interview @Grifman, that was very informative. It also kind of addresses the concern @tomchick raised in the original article:

Apparently the particular story chosen is Jake Solomon’s favorite Marvel storyline, which fair enough, Jake’s earned a lot of good will IMHO and if he wants to go do his favorite Marvel story, that’s great.

Solomon also mentioned that the Firaxis folks also like being in a largely underdeveloped part of the Marvel universe since it gives them more leeway to do their own thing.

Fuck Marvel. I’d follow Jake Solomon into hell.

I don’t think any of them get their comic book code names, no.

(And the pet dragon and sword are because she went to hell and learned magic. Her mutant power is portals. Not that you’d ever get that from the movie.)

Jake’s teams are the source of the only relevant output from Firaxis in years and years. Outside of that pedigree I’d have no interest in this, but maybe it’ll be cool.

The lack of permadeath, and the party of 3 make me wish for a proper XCOM 3. I would have preferred a 40K XCOM by a huge margin…

That was the first thing that came to my mind. “Wow, can I play as Joan Jett or Lita Ford? Cool!”

Why does everyone have little engraved runes all over their costumes? Is that supposed to be Ghost Rider?

LOL I just watched the video and thought the exact same thing!

Because they’re magical!

Yeah, that’s how Ghost Rider looks in the comics these days.

Have you played Warhammer Chaos Gate? The best way I can describe it is original X-COM tactical battles where the player is the ultramarines and the aliens are chaos marines. Sadly, it was a one-off.