Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

I thought the game play video was pretty good. But the two biggest take aways for me were that you’d see and fight other Marvel villains (I thought the only enemies would be Hydra and Lilith’s minions) and corrupted Marvel heroes, which is very interesting. Maybe that’s how you’ll recruit some of them (maybe the ones that haven’t been shown yet?) Anyway, this looks like a Day One purchase for me.

Yeah the gameplay video made me much more interested in this now.

Game pushed back

Spring was pretty crowded anyway!

Apparently this might be out soon?

Fingers crossed.

Still pretty bummed about Starfield, although far better delayed than buggy for sure.

What about delayed and buggy? It’s Bethesda, after all.


And on a related on-topic note. I can’t run “Beyond Earth” anymore. Just crashes on startup. From the forum, apparently I’m not the only one. The fact that there’s a 213 pages in the “Game Crashing - Report Here” thread does not leave a great deal of confidence that Firaxis QA is better than Bethesda QA.

I’m probably going to get Midnight Suns on Console, so that should hopefully help at least a bit on at least game “failing to start” level crashes.

To be fair, that game is pretty old at this point, so I’m betting that Windows or GPU updates broke it. Though they should def work to find a fix.

And I wouldn’t throw their QA (or Bethesda’s) under the bus either. The rule of thumb is generally that if a customer is seeing a bug, QA has already seen it. :)

Yeah, it’s usually not QA missing stuff. It’s management deciding not to fix it.

Plus you don’t see all the stuff qa already got fixed…

The stuff you see might be the small stuff :)

Still unavailable in my region (on Steam)… :(

October 7th

Here it’s an interview

Man, I’m sure the final game is pretty fun, I don’t have anything against combining deckbuilder genre with the tactics genre but their reasoning irks me. Tactical games aren’t about randomness. Different situations and enemies are what it should force the player to use different movements or abilities, instead of spamming always the same button. If you can’t do that in your base design, and instead have to add a way to force players to use different things each turn, well, you missed the issue.

It’s still easily as complex as any match of XCOM, but it becomes more about like, how well can you win this match? How quickly can you beat this match? How many guys can you take out with one ability? And so it’s just as mentally consuming, you feel that same sense of victory."

They are really speaking to me here.

@TurinTur i get where you are coming from, but it is a tricky problem to solve. Given you are have control of well established, very powerful characters in their primes, how do you do that from the very beginning without artificial constraints that don’t feel true to the characters and still have somewhere to go?

I do wonder if they considered a system where what a character did on a given turn determined a set of options they could use on the next. So, for instance, if Iron Man flew into the air on one turn to fire missiles, maybe on the next he has the option to use repulsors or do a dive attack. Or if Cap throws his shield, it limits shield options the next turn (I’m picturing each turn as being very short in tens of the amount of time represented). The way I’m imagining this (e.g. Lost Worlds combat books) it sends like a nightmare to present to the player, though.

Yeah, at the end of the day the game has be something the average/casual gamer can wrap their head around, especially since the audience on this will skew younger than XCOM for example. You can’t really make this super complex.

I don’t see any problem with the way they have implemented cards as skills/abilities myself, everything I’ve seen seems like it’s going to be pretty fun, at least potentially.

I mean the designer of Xcom, Jake Solomon, is on record of having really loved Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battles which has very discrete low randomness applied to Xcom style tactical battles.

And it is truly a fantastic game. That game has extremely limited randomness, shots are either 100%, 50%, or 0%, but is utterly fantastic and does a lot with movement and character abilities to leverage tactically interesting and fun gameplay.

Given that I have no problem with them leaning away from that kind of randomness here either. It has been proven that can work, this can be a different mechanism to deliver interesting gameplay and strategy while removing the sometimes capricious and unreliable randomness of Xcom.

As said, these are peak supers, having to them miss an easy shot due to a die roll would feel not great.

It looks a bit basic visually. Surprising for a franchise built first on art and then on CGI!

I generally don’t have much interest in super hero/comics stuff, but I do like tactical games and don’t care that much about the wrapper as long as the systems and mechanics work. I tend to agree with the design idea of making sure super heroes are, well, super heroic, and not putzes who miss easy shots because RNG. It’s bad enough in non-comics sort of games, where uber-elite special forces soldier with years of training and experience can’t hit the broadside of a barn and has to “level up” in order to learn how to, say, use a grenade or something.

If the gameplay involves fights in limited areas, they’re not so super. More like wrestlers :)