Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

The card battling makes me sightly sad, but that’s more my problem then theirs.

Will be interested to see if this nails “super powerful beings” in a different way to Chaos Gate (which has been somewhat chastised for Uber soldiers being easily hurt by chaff enemies)

Games are not movies :)

This is an excellent overview of the game by “Mr. XCom”, Christopher Odd, based upon 5 hours of game play. It really goes into a lot, and I mean a lot of detail about the game - combat, relationships, crafting, your base, hero skills, etc. It’s really got me looking forward to release in October:

Gozer? ROFL.
Pretty sure I’m going to love the hell out of this, while most will be bitching about how it isn’t xcom.

I also wish it was more XCOM meets Superheroes, but ive seen enough to know ill be getting it day one regardless of my bias.

In case you haven’t been reading up on it, that’s what they started off with, but they quickly realized having that kind of randomness felt terrible when playing with Supers.

The big thing here, (not directed at you, David) based on both impressions and dev interviews, is that people who don’t like combat that feels like a puzzle to be solved are not likely to enjoy this.

Oh man, this bit just stopped me in my tracks.

Ups… That is a big NO for me. I hate puzzles. I want multiple ways to win, not only one. My expectations were low but this just killed it.

Where did you get that info? In the video?

Yeah, this takes a bit out of my excitement as well. I didn’t feel like this watching the gameplay videos but we only got to see a bit of it, so not enough to know if this is true or not. I’ll move this to “wait for reviews” for now.

Well, you can have puzzles with multiple solutions, there doesn’t just have to be one. Commandos games only had one solution I believe, which I usually wasn’t able to find. But other puzzle games allow more flexibility.

I don’t think combat is a literal puzzle, just that it feels like it has puzzle aspects, such as clever use of ability combos to set up attacks on big groups or chain attacks on a boss.

That comes from dev comments about how players will find enjoyment in things like how to win combat encounters most efficiently and from the video above.

One example given in the video was using Magik to set up a portal aimed at a transformer(?) box that will stun an enemy that hits it. After that, any knockback attack she does will open a portal automatically that the enemy gets knocked into, then discharged from the other. You can also see examples of knocking enemies or environmental objects into enemies.

The other aspect that I think will make the combat feel somewhat like a puzzle is that the heroes will have a great many things they can do, but you will have a limited amount of options available on any given turn based on the cards you draw. So the challenge is in finding the best use for the resources at your disposal.

Well, maybe my fears are wrong and this turns out to be as good as XCom, but until the reviews arrive and people start playing I’m not going to be excited.

God! In one hand is Jake Solomon and I respect that man, but on the other hand is cards and puzzles.

I just wanted XCom with heroes or just XCom 3.

That is all.

I hope you get it. In the meantime, I’m super excited about this…not because of Marvel, but because of the combat style.

I am looking at this game as a good superhero game with tactics. I think the cards will add that element of teamwork; learning which combos on players work, plus which team of heroes have synergy.

I really do not like the thought of a 60 dollar game but I wont be able to resist it on day one.

It would be interesting to see a show or movie come out based on the story the game is based on.

Did any of you play Mario + Rabbids? I know Jake Solomon did, and that removed a lot of randomness from the game. And certainly usage of abilities and weapons could be quite puzzle like, in that you had to plan out a turn in specific order sometimes in order to get maximum results, especially on challenge maps.

That didn’t mean there wasn’t a bunch of solutions and character combinations that were viable, there were, but that you needed to use then judiciously and not waste potential in tough fights. Choosing wrong character order could be the difference in a turn.

So I can’t romance Wolverine, but I can go birdwatching with him?

It feels that the puzzle is figuring out your approach depending on your card draw and the team you select. It doesnt feel like there is only one way to win a battle but more how will you win this particular battle.


No, since he’s not in the game. yes, because I’m an idiot