Marvel Studios' The Marvels - Marvelous!

Directed by Nia DaCosta.

That looks like fun!

It also looks like the “Looks like it was filmed on a soundstage” issue with Marvel movies isn’t going away anytime soon.

Thor: Love & Thunder was the first MCU movie to use The Volume technique from the Star Wars shows. Reportedly, they loved the ability to quickly change setups and shoot with “live” background CG environments. I think the MCU will continue to use it so that “filmed on a soundstage” issue will get noticeably more pronounced.


The trend of just sampling/chopping up extremely specific parts of songs for trailers because a single throwaway line in the third verse vaguely matches a theme of a film usually makes me roll my eyes, but the Intergalactic loop here works for me.

Catchy, as first trailers go I’ll call this a win.

Kahn is as infectious as expected, Rambeau was fine but mostly playing the straight man in the trailer scenes. But Danvers felt much more relatable and less forced than Danvers was in her own movie, which was until T:LoT my least favorite Marvel film mostly due to Danvers. I need to give it another shot though since I barely got thru it the first time. Maybe I was just in a pissy mood when I watched it.

OMG this looks so fun!

Honestly it’s wild how much of a difference this makes. I’ve rewatched many movies I was cool on only to discover I really like them. Time and perspective can play a role here as well, I suppose. It’s also why “film critics” don’t do much for me - you just never know how someone will react to something and how it might or might not line up to your own experiences.

Wait, so this is some kind of superhero Freaky Friday? I picked the wrong week to start paying attention to Marvel movies again.

the flerken is back! My wife will be thrilled!

Looks like a day 1 movie for my family, fun trailer. Good use of music :)

On a scale from 1 to “Girls Get it Done” where will this fall?

It’s probably because of both the Secret Invasion trailer and that I’ve been using Super-Skrull in Marvel Snap lately, but I initially thought the (likely) villain shown in the trailer is a Super-Skrull but upon closer looking, it looks like a new Accuser.

Dude, mistaking flerken for cats is a really, really risky behavior.

We’re a team?

This trailer makes me wanna rewatch Ms. Marvel. Every moment with Iman Vellani in this trailer is a treasure.

Aren’t they going to hve to depower Ms. Marvel? She was basically Superman in the Infinity stuff.

I assume you mean Captain Marvel (aka Carol). And they shouldn’t since she’s the top end of the power range in the comics these days. And the cynic in me would say that since its a movie with her in the title (kinda) they wont be powering her down.

Ms Marvel (aka Kamala) wasnt in endgame.

I see that Gemma Chan is in this. I wonder if they are going to attempt to square the circle caused by her being a Kree in the Captain Marvel movie and Sersei in the Eternals

Hopefully they meet someday in a movie.