Marvel's Inhumans - ABC and totally not mutants


It would never work! It would enable the deaf to communicate, and then there’d be no stopping those mutant bastards!


Yes, but how would you show such thing in a visual medium?


False conflict is common to bad writing. You set characters against one another based on a misunderstanding or secret that could easily be resolved if either party actually talked to the other. Lindelof loves that shit.


I was going to say the same thing, give the dude a notepad and a pen! But then I started thinking, what if it’s not just talking, he actually can’t communicate? Like, he starts to write a note and the pen catches fire? Or he tries to use sign language but then his hands start shooting razor blades out at everybody? You know what, I’m going to make my own show but with blackjack and hookers!


Don’t forget the blow! You can’t have blackjack and hookers without blow!


It seems, at best, serviceable to me. But keep in mind, I really don’t like Agents of SHIELD.

So when I say I agree with Adam_B, that means I’m really dreading another dilution of the Marvel brand with a bland, serviceable TV show (see also Iron Fist), which will further pay lip service to movie continuity with no meaningful connection (see also all the Netflix shows, as much as I really enjoy most of them).

I actually don’t mind at all if Medusa’s hair looks goofy. I think they should’ve given Black Bolt his mask, but whatever. When it comes to effects, I’m all for ambition over the results—through the ups and downs of Flash, I have consistently praised that it’s still willing to do really fun cool action/powers stuff on a limited TV show budget.

I also have some opinions about the Inhumans as characters that I base on almost zero knowledge of their comic history, so I’m ignoring that and just saying that as someone who actively dislikes Agents of SHIELD, Inhumans offering more of the same at best sounds awful to me.

Not trying to change anyone’s mind here, just outlining the biases I’ve had for a while so you understand why I’m so down on this.


Iron Fist is in no way serviceable.


That’s what my gut says too, but I’m trying to give it a small benefit of a doubt. It’s nothing like the Fraction/Brubaker comic I love so much, and I hate it for that, so I overcorrect a little and assume maybe it’s better than it is for someone who doesn’t have that wonderful comic to hold up in comparison. I try to convince myself that the “average” Netflix viewer—the ones who keep watching House of Cards—would consider Iron Fist serviceable.

(But yeah I hate it)


Nope. I have no opinion or attachment to the character, and the show is awful. I never stop watching anything partway, but I had to drop Iron Fist for my own safety.

E: oh God, I just saw in the IF thread that the same yahoo who got ousted from that is the showrunner for Inhumans? Hahahahahahahahaha


As an editor, truer words may never have been spoken.


No comment.


None needed.


I will comment. Her hair looks better there. Like it’s been in, uh, whatever it is they do when they go back over footage and improve effects and so now it’s no longer objectively terrible.

Not that it does anything for my interest.


Im not sure what people are actually hoping for with Medusa’s hair. If you’re expecting the hair movement to look and flow naturally, good luck with that because there is nothing natural about how her hair moves. I just do not see how they can make it look any better. Its going to look a bit freakish because it is a bit freakish.


I honestly think the medium is the issue; we’re used to comic books, where our imaginations can easily take what’s essentially understated (not sure if this is the right word) artwork and add detail as needed. On TV, we’re a bit inhibited because everything has already been translated to “lifelike.”


Yeah, really, that looked okay to me, nothing to get worked up about. TV visuals will never match something you might see on film for the era, that’s nothing new. And honestly, when her hair was wrapping around his neck? Pretty damned cool, I thought.


I thought we were no commenting disapprovingly on how bad the performances looked. Hair looks “okay”, I’m indifferent on that, but that little scene bored me to tears.


It may have been expensive, but I feel like they should have gone farther with the hair. Make it like a cartoon-y alien pseudopod/symbiote kind of thing. Right now, I think they wanted it to look like real-ish moving hair, so it looks like a wig held up with marionette strings.

I mean, I’m sure the sfx house tested a bunch of approaches. But this seems pretty conpromise-y.


I’m just gonna put this out there, but perhaps they should have looked at this?

Because hair motion looked much better there


Medua’s hair may not really be finalized, also.

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