Marvel's Moon Knight

  1. All of them? ;)
  2. Wait, is that a singular “they” or the standard one? Both of them fit.

Sorry, I just had to make those jokes. Please don’t slap me.

Making fun of someone’s health issues is highly inappropriate. Im gonna have to Smith-ify your ass!

That was the third joke. ;)

I’ll be here all week. Try the veal!

Cool episode. Good stuff. Great Oscar Isaac.

But those of you who think he’s “great in everything” have an X-Men movie you need to watch…

I would never say that he’s good in everything. But I would say that I’m always happy to see him. I just like the guy.

Wait…what the shit. Was he the Big Bad? I don’t recognize the name on IMDB, but I have largely blocked that movie from my mind.

Yeah. Under a lot of makeup. I prefer to ignore that and focus on Deus Machina and his other fine works.

Just finished watching with my wife. I loved it. She was confused. But willing to try another episode! So we’ll see.

I mean, Oscar Isaac was not the problem with X-Men Apocalypse. He didn’t save it, but he wasn’t the problem(s). That movie is trash despite a bunch of really good actors.

Oscar Isaac is my Guatemalan king, and I will follow him to the ends of the earth. Also, I hope to someday lose a bunch of weight and hair, and gain a bunch of tan and cheekbones, so I can grow up to be like him.

Edit: the show was also neat, and I’m definitely very intrigued

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Agreed. But to my original point, he still wasn’t good in it. There wasn’t anything for him to work with. It’s probably not his fault, but the movie was so bad you can’t even say “well at least it was fun to watch Isaac!” (or any of the rest of the mostly talented cast).

This is all quibbling, but I thought he did a perfectly decent job in it. As did the other good actors. It’s just a terrible script, staging, etc etc. As opposed to something like the Star Wars prequels or Twilight where I came away assuming people like Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Hayden Christiansen couldn’t act to save their lives until I saw them in other movies (well, I’ve still never seen Hayden Christiansen in other stuff I don’t think?) and I would have assumed the same about most of the other actors in the prequels if I didn’t already know them to be excellent from previous career choices.

He did an incredible job in Life as a House. Good movie, and he’s actually pretty damn talented.

Same here! I tipped over my chair and walked out as soon as I saw the clock in the pet shop. Congratulations Marvel, you’ve lost a fan!

Kevin Feige’s eye just twitched and he has no idea why.

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For me it was the distinct beep of the UPC scanner as Steven inventoried the gift-shop merchandise. How could they not realize that model of cash register has never been available outside of the US? There’s been a lot of speculation in /r/barcodesoftheworld that Brexit may affect those restrictions and bring about some measure of international availability, and I guess technically the MCU “present day” may still be a few years ahead of us, but it’s impossible to believe the show is comfortable making that kind of sensitive political speculation intentionally. This never would’ve happened on a Greg Berlanti show.

The minute the waiter recommended a steak well done, I was out. I mean what kind of evil bullshit is Disney pushing with this burnt meat propaganda? Heathens!

I thought the same, but then my wife pointed out it was the waiter’s interpretation of Isaac’s distracted ‘good, good, good…’ mumbling.

Yeah, Steven obviously didn’t know how to order a steak, so the waiter interpreted “the best cut” as the filet and “good, very good” as well done. I thought it was hilarious.

Had a fine enough time with this. Obligatory Oscar Isaac praise. The blackout flashes were way more thrilling than seeing the costume in action at the end, and a neat solution to it only being TV-14.

We also were like, “hmm, we should finish Legion.”

So I just saw this tonight and so far it looks like a fun ride. I have no idea where this is going but it should be fun.