Mass Effect: Post your custom char's picture!

Kelvana Shepard. Only survivor of her colonial family’s massacre. Ruthless renegade, master of intimidation, Vanguard Warp spammer, and general all-around hardass. Did you know your face needs a gun waved in it? Well, she knows, pal. SHE knows.

Hugh Shepard.

The graphics in Mass Effect are pretty amazing, aren’t they?

Does he have Lupus?

I’m playing with Bioware’s version of Shepard. It’s supposed to be a RPG, not a Barbie game.

Yeah, and Bioware lets us roleplay with whatever Shepard we want. I suppose you haven’t changed your Shepard’s armor or guns because you don’t want to play dress-up or accessorize your Barbie.

So Bioware stuck in an extensive character visual customization system because we aren’t supposed to use it.


also - seriously, every game needs a screenshot/replay feature.

Fun burns you, doesn’t it? Leaves little blisters on your pasty turn-based skin?

Um… so role-playing has nothing whatsoever to do with what your character looks like? God knows I’m getting more into role-playing in Mass Effect because I know exactly where Kelvana got that scar on her cheekbone.

I’d say that playing all possible roles with an identical-looking character – as you seemingly recommend – is EXACTLY what Barbie is.

Anyway, enough Draikin idiocy – post more pics, people! I know there are some truly amusing and/or well-designed faces out there. SHARE!

It’s never lupus.

Ahhh… Never mind. It’s been covered.

If you’re roleplaying, you’re wearing a helmet so it doesn’t matter. They all have the same body anyway.

At this point, I’m not sure you know what the word “roleplaying” means. Or “helmet”, for that matter.

This is the NMA guy, right?

Picture coming when my copy arrives, should be soon.

tromik- yes, he’s probably upset it’s not an isometric view.

Please to note that “helmet” is not always a euphemism for “foreskin”.

Hope this helps!

Between both of these guys, guns will be shoved in faces.

Also, my Garrus is using a sniper rifle. I mean, he’s already got the eyepiece and everything.

Your guy actually looks badass, except for his double-chin. I didn’t know the Normandy could fit through the McDonald’s drive-through.

It’s a space McDonald’s.

I kinda made my guy look like me, except I accidentally gave him huge, high cheekbones. If you ignore the beard and the top portion of the head, he kinda looks looks like a chick.