Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered - coming soon?

The original ME was nearly impossible to get to 60 on one play-through and required 2. The legendary leveling scale allows you to get all of the skill points by the end of the game as it’s been balanced to reach 30 (the legendary cap) by the time you finish. Classic is the same as it always was, from my understanding.

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Welcome back Femshep :’’’’))))

Here’s a nice write-up.

It’s Mr. Garvy Shepard

I’m debating whether I should buy this for PC (again), or if I should instead opt for the PS4. I kind of like the idea of playing this from the couch, but I don’t know how well it will perform on the PS4 (especially ME3).

Choices, choices…

Love it!

Well, I got goosebumps from the menu theme so I’m HOME. I’m home.

I’m in the same boat, but I have time to find out because I refuse to pay full price again for games I own and have completed.

It’s more like 1/3 price, isn’t it? Since it’s three games plus DLCs for $60?

And why is a game that is over a decade old still worth 60$?
The current price for mass effect on steam:

So yes, these are ‘full price’.

I think my price point is $20 for the whole thing since as others have mentioned, I already own these games and have completed them.

So happy for you! Enjoy it to the fullest.

It’s not even the full game, since they removed that Multiplayer aspect. No more can you run around as Krogran Battlemaster, or a Volus (Volus are pretty sweet).

People may have disliked the grind, but I just enjoyed jumping and playing for an hour or so, trying out all the classes and weapons that were available. I even unlocked got the Paladin Class, which had the cool shield.

Except they have put in work to improve them and deserve to get paid for it. On the other hand, if you completed them and don’t like what is on offer, don’t buy it. For me, who barely played 1, I am looking forward to playing on Xbox, and the price doesn’t seem bad at all.

Yes they’ve put in work to improve them, but they haven’t created an entire new game, they have re-used the storyline, certain assets, etc. For those that never played the full trilogy, it’s worth full price, but for those of us that purchased all three games and all DLC, giving no benefit for that is a real f*ck you money grab.

The current price for the games is $19.99 which is not full price. Full price was $60.

As to why this bundle is worth the discounted price of the original games? That’s totally subjective so YMMV but given where I saw it on the Stream charts yesterday it seems like many people thought the $60 price point was worth it.

Anyway, wasn’t meaning to start a debate or anything and there’s clearly nothing wrong whatsoever with waiting for price drops or feeling $60 for the three games is too steep. :)

The value proposition of these kind of remasters on PC is always kind of iffy, as unlike in console versions, we already had high framerate and support for high resolutions. So you only pay for the redone art assets.

My understanding from watching a YT review is that at there are lots of little changes all over the place and they did rebalance it, so it wasn’t just redone art exactly. I very well could have misunderstood what he meant by “change” though.

The price can’t be too iffy if they make money off this stuff. Which I assume they do, or they wouldn’t bother.

We’ve gone over the $60 price already. It’s not one game. It’s three. And if you don’t like it, wait for a sale.

Plan to start tonight, so I need to figure out whether I do the classic mode or the legendary 30? There doesn’t seem to be a firm opinion either way.

And it’s not three new games, it’s a fresh coat of paint for three games we already own. Which is not worth $60 roughly 99% of the time. But as you say, we’ve been over this.

Thread’s run it’s course, bye now, have fun continuing to yell about $60 you don’t have to spend.