Mattress advice

OK, because my wife has Restless Leg Syndrome (and no, that’s not a made up problem. It’s VERY real), we have been sleeping in separate beds in separate rooms. The arrangement is fine for getting sleep and such, but we’d really like to find a way to sleep next to each other again. So we’re looking into mattresses. One option would be to use a split mattress of some sort, like a sleep number bed? We’d almost certainly have to use different covers, but if the whole bed isn’t affected by her movement, I could get better sleep and not have to constantly wake her up.

Another option would be to get two twin beds (or doubles) and put them next to each other.

In any case, we’d like to be able to get a decent mattress as long as we are buying something new anyway. A mattress that minimizes movement and shock would be very helpful for her as well, so she wouldn’t wake herself up as much. She’s tired most days because of this, and the medication isn’t always effective.

Be certain that no matter what you get, it’s completely dead.

Douglas Adams reference?

An attempt. It’s been a decade or so since I read it, so I may have botched it.

Do you think one of those memory foam mattresses would work? They do a great job of minimizing movement. The tempurpedics are incredibly expensive, but we bought one of the store-brand versions, which was still expensive, but totally worth it IMO.

Did you get the matching pillows?

I have a Simmons Beautyrest which has separate inner coils (the coils aren’t connected to each other). It dampens motion but doesn’t totally kill it, and it’s a damn comfy mattress.

Fire, I didn’t. I should probably try them out, but for now I’m happy sleeping with regular pillows, so I figure don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, especially if it involves buying some more expensive bedding items!

That Beautyrest looks like a good idea. I found a shop through the store locator that is somewhat close (15 miles or so). It’s probably best to go lie on them anyway (lay? lie? I forget).

Second the recommendation for the Beautyrest.

Get a latex mattress. They minimize movement between sides amazingly well. My wife also has RLS, BTW.

We have a Regal latex mattress that is simply amazing. They are expensive, though ($1800+ full retail). Fortunately we got a deal on one for $1200.

Yeah, I figured it would be expensive. I guess it’s worth it for quality sleep though. It’s a pretty important life factor.

Hey, I’m certain I get Restless Leg Syndrome, but only very occasionally. It’s a weird tightening of the muscles, like a sudden cramp, which makes you have to jerk your leg. And it definitely isn’t just a cramp because it happens repeatedly no matter where the leg is.

Thing is I get that very infrequently, like once in two to four months at the very most. And it isn’t really an issue as it fades fairly quickly. It must be something to do with the conditions at the time (temperature, humidity, etc.). I can see how bad that could be having it all the time!

I’m a fan. A key to their effectiveness though is to make sure they are on a very stable base; a frame that wobbles is no good. Alternatively, just rest the box spring and mattress directly on the floor with no frame.

After purchasing two expensive mattresses in the last 5 years, and then having both of them lose support and develop cavernous body impressions and produce aches and pains when we get up in the morning, I’ve been in serious study mode for our next mattress.

I would recommend you read the posts here for some very, very good advice (based on my experiences) :

For example, the author of that blog (mainly Q&A) is the owner of a mattress store, but he will tell you that buying the high end of even the good mattress manufacturers is usually a big mistake - and why.

Also, lots of good info at (go straight to the forums.) Be aware that the people on that forum can be very critical of mattresses on the market, but there are many reports of experiences, etc. if your take the time to read through the forum.

I’m currently considering the Sealy Springfree Beachline - it’s a fairly firm latex bed. Problem is finding that model in various stores, since each store has it’s own name for the same mattresses (it’s a way that they inhibit comparison price shopping.) Also be aware that mattress sales people are worse than used car salespeople, or Best Buy sales people, in terms of giving you expert advice that is 100% malarkey.

Thanks Jeff. That’s a lot of info for me to digest, but those are some nice sources.

Hmmm…I didn’t realize it but the mattress we have now is a Simmons Beautyrest. It was a gift from my mother-in-law, and I hadn’t checked it. Anyway, it’s a great mattress, but it still moves too much. Of course, part of the problem is that it’s a double. For two people, we really need at least a Queen. Also, it was manufactured in 2003. I don’t know if that makes a difference.

Latex may be the way to go, to minimize movement.

Actually, mattresses made about 10 years ago were much superior in many ways than many of those on the market today. A lot of people will tell you that the support layers in today’s bed will be lucky to last 5 years. It has certainly been my experience that simply buying a name brand King mattress has resulted in a lot of money out of pocket and sore backs within a year of purchase.

On those sources, Robert, you might actually get discouraged with the whatsthebest-mattress forum, but there is a lot of good info on details of construction, what to avoid, etc. The other Q&A blog can then provide some realistic advice if you don’t want to go the route of ordering a bed mail order in which you order the specific latex layers (which has advantages in terms of customizing, changing a layer rather than the entire mattress if you have a problem down the line, etc.)

Rimbo’s advice is also good. We have a great mattress (if too small) but it’s on a crappy metal frame that I’m sure wobbles way more than it should.

How’s the heat with those? Do they keep fairly cool? The boyfriend and I were mattress shopping yesterday and discovered that Tempur-Pedics are great except for the heat factor, so they’re off the list. We really want something without springs, so latex is next on the list of things to check out…

Tempur-Pedics are really nice. I toss and turn and my wife never notices. They can get kind of warm and I can’t use the pillow I bought from them because it gets too hot for me but the mattress itself great.

I am sure there is a Henny Youngman joke in there somewhere.