Mechanical switch keyboards: Worth it?


I remember seeing those in shops, and they had cursor keys. That’s a strange omission.


Maybe it’s because I’ve used a Mac for the last few years, but I didn’t even think about the F keys. The keyboard does have them, but you have to hit the FN button to use them. Another weird thing? The CTRL key is where the Caps lock would be.


I got a mechanical keyboard (probably one of my dumbest internet inspired purchases, as I was doing just fine with my generic Dell keyboard for the past 10 years).

Anyway, I tried both the Cherry Red and Cherry Brown, and kept the Brown.

I apparently just need that little bit of resistance. I liked the Red, but it felt like it would be too spongy feeling in the long term for any sort of sustained typing.

It also made me realize, I really don’t type much anymore. I play games. Which involves a lot of single key presses. But just in case I do decide to start typing some day for reasons unknown, Brown it is.


This is configurable using a DIP switch on the keyboard. I find that having the CTRL key on the Caps lock position make a lot of sense for work (for gaming, no, because we need the pinky finger to crouch)… but for general Control-C and Control-V, it’s much easier and faster if using the Caps Lock position.


I bought one of these in June for my mom:

I just noticed today while visiting that the lettering is different on the keyboard than in the pictures on the store page. Instead of a normal sans serif font it has this weird futuristic font that is really hard to read. Further, the letters are not painted on, but are instead made of clear plastic. I think a LED bulb was meant to be placed under each key, but are missing. (I don’t want a KB with LEDs!)

How do I go about returning stuff on Amazon? I don’t usually return stuff since it’s a hassle. It has been 6 months since I made the purchase.


They’re not Costco. I am not sure they will take something 6 months out. You just go to your order though and ask for a return which is the normal process… which leads to a shipping label.

I’ve had good luck with Corsair so far, including using their return process. I’m using their low profile cherry right now. I have the “regular” cherry on the older machine. The return mentioned was due to lighting on four or so keys having an issue.


I like the CTRL key over there. I set my switches for Mac, and I think the wake one. LOVE this keyboard, but I can’t use it for gaming, so I just slip in one of my other boards if I’m doing something like Black Desert Online, or a flight sim since I need a lot of keys. For writing books, it’s all HHKB all day.


Some maniac I work with is one of those people with blank key caps.


I just got this Ducky One Side Print keyboard, which looks like has blank key caps, but when you forget where the | key is you can cheat and look at the front of the keys.

My main PC was down for a week so I ended up having to do my work on my gaming PC, which has a Corsair K70. I realized that as much as I like split keyboards, I type fastest with a good mechanical keyboard that has both tactile and audible feedback. Didn’t want to go back to my MS Ergonomic with its short-throw plastic keys after a week of writing on the K70.

So now I’m using the Ducky with Cherry MX Blues, which makes my typing sound like Raymond Chandler on an old Smith Corona. Love it!

Only glitch I’ve found is my PC doesn’t recognize the KB when I have N-Key rollover on. If I drop it to 6-key, it works fine. That’s fine for my purposes, but I’m wondering why the N-key doesn’t work.


While I prefer printed key caps, I do buy a set of blank key caps just to swap once a while to show my ninja-keyboard-Fu!


@DennyA what’s the idea behind not printing on top of the keycaps? Seems sort of wacky to me.


I kind of like it. The stupid printing is usually the first thing to go on my keyboard, WASD specifically although I don’t need to see the key really.


The printing wears out on cheap keyboards, expensive ones last.

It just looks cool. Nothing more than that.


The reason I asked is because the keyboard I currently have has clear cut gaps in the keys for the letters with some sort of see-through material there. So the LED lights shine through.

On keyboards with silk screening printing on the keys when it wears out I usually feel like replacing it anyway!


In my case, it’s purely for cool looks, and to show off my badass touch-typing skills. Plus as mentioned, no worries about characters wearing off, though apparently the way the keycaps Ducky uses are manufactured, it’s not a concern.

This is a really, really nice keyboard for $99. I have the Corsair on my gaming computer, but I like the feel of the keys on this one slightly more, so if that one ever goes kaput I’ll probably go for another One. The volume control keys at the top of the keypad work as well for me as the volume roller on the Corsair, which is the only multimedia key I use.


I ordered a mechanical keyboard from Amazon a year or so ago for my mom. I didn’t realize within enough time that they sent me the wrong model. What they sent me has a weird futuristic font and the transparent cutouts for the LED bulbs to shine through. Except there are no bulbs so it doesn’t light up.

A related question: Do keyboards that light up require batteries or do they get their juice over USB?


I use Corsair too, Cherry MX, low and normal profile. I might have to consider this in the future. I really, really like my volume roller though, and of course the Corsairs are not cheap keyboards as you probably too, not just in term of price; they do a nice job in quality so if Ducky is like that or better, definitely on the list.


I considered the ducky, but it doesn’t have a USB passthrough port, which I really want for a fingerprint reader. Their shine model does, but it’s like $150, which seems like a lot.


They get their power over USB, no batteries are needed.


Also, the pass-through keyboards often require a second plugin which usually it’s not an issue for a desktop or a dock but might be challenging for say a regular laptop. I think my old Logitech actually required a separate plug, but I don’t know if they do that anymore. It has an LCD screen.