Mechanical switch keyboards: Worth it?

From the other side of the spectrum, I buy mechanical keyboards for my laptops because I can’t stand not having a numpad.
The answer is within you, @YakAttack!

Add me to the list that will only buy a keyboard with a numpad. It’s a totally worthwhile investment of precious desk real estate.

Why not a mechanical numpad?

Got some of those as well, for when on the move.

I love that that numpad has parentheses on it. That was one of my favorite features of the Atari ST’s keyboard. It made typing in programs so much quicker…at least it felt quicker.

More on topic: Is there a good mechanical keyboard for fat fingers? I tried a Corsair K70 years ago (IIRC) and gave it up because I was always hitting more than one key at a time.

May I suggest these finger exercises?

That is a fantastic idea. I’m afraid though that my fingers will end up so ripped, I’ll have the same problem.

I ended up doing exactly this, and liked the setup so much, I ordered the same keyboard (except this time with 104 keys) and a third-party keyset for myself! Total cost was ~$50.

Wow, that’s an amazing price! I pay usually three times that price for my mechanical keyboards, and am already happy with my purchase, I bet you won’t regret it.

The first package arrived since I posted that. Damn this thing is noisy!

The sound is a very funny matter: for instance I use usually brown keys, which make less noise than blue ones. Well, after some days, my wife ended up hating those “silent” ones, and not minding the blue’s clickety noises as much.
It won’t be much of a bother soon enough — excepting if you are trying to sneakily type something while on the phone ;)

Worth noting that at that price, it is absolutely using one of the various Chinese knock-offs of Cherry switches that have proliferated in the last 5 years or so since their patent expired. Some of these are actually pretty okay, and there are even people who prefer the action or sound of a given knock-off switch than the original Cherries, but some of them are also very low quality and prone to failure, hitching, etc.

I don’t think mechanical keyboards really warrant the goofy-fuck $200+ price tags they often come with, but I’d be really careful buying a sub-$50 one, checking for lots of reviews, especially from users who’ve had and used it for awhile.

The one I got, but without the 10key, has some pretty good reviews. Only Newegg has the one with the 10key for some reason (and there are no reviews there).

Ah yeah, VicTsing are definitely better than a TON of the garbage Chinese knockoff brands that show up on Amazon for six months and then disappear before all the warranty claims start to come in. Not, like, amazing or anything, but definitely super solid. And doubleshot keys at $30 is awesome.

So I ordered a custom keycap set from

It got here missing the Escape key. Now they want to refund me $8 for the missing key, when the whole set cost me $16.15. Of course there’s no way to replace just the one key.


Luckily it’s just the Esc key missing because you could buy some replacement artisan key that usually look best on the Esc slot. Imagine if you have a missing F3, that would be awkward.

There is past Gendal, and it’s called Cherry Silent Red. Feels better than an o-ring I found, while not limiting the travel as much.

I picked up a Ducky Shine 7 Blackout with Silent Reds and have been very happy with it.

I like the feel, my only complaint would be the distance to the Ctrl and T key seems like it’s a tiny bit longer than my old Corsair. This makes it harder to hit Ctrl-T with my palm and index finger. Red switches of course suffer from this the most because of their sensitivity.

The best part so far is no more issues with sleeping and waking my PC like I had with the Corsair keyboards. I prefer the volume dial vs regular keys but they are dedicated and work well.

Detachable usb-c, programability, full RGB, etc all round out the features. I have it with a lovely purple lighting but will probably turn that off sooner than later, not a big fans of lighted keyboards.