Mechwarrior Mercenaries 5: Single player inside!

Finally bit on this game, and I’m wondering if I should even bother without mods or just grab them before firing up? If so, it seems like most people here are suggesting:
Yet Another Mech Lab (YAML) //also on Steam Workshop
Coyote’s Mission Mod and Mission Overhaul
//thanks, @morlac

Within YAML’s Nexus listing, they recommend:
Mod Options
and have a couple optional add-ons:
Heat Sink Kits (YAML)
The Equipment Collection Formerly Known As HarJel (YAML)

I checked on Better Spawns 2 Classic, but it’s currently needing an update per the mod author.

Is a no weight limit mod recommended? Anything else people would suggest before I go get cored in a Locust?

I’ve almost made it to reputation 8 and am now rocking a cyclops with AC20 and SRMs, and have a rifleman and a couple centurians in my lance.

I get that medium lasers are the meta in this game, but damn are the ballistic weapons satisfying. It does not get old having an entire lance opens up with their rifles, ACs and machine guns on a single target, turning them into an explodey, sparkly, overheated twisted mess.

Still completely enthralled. The one mod I may add asap is killing the travel animation. I like shopping systems and it gets old fast.

If you’re shopping for missions, is this a useful mod or would it break the 4th wall a bit too much?
Star Map Mouse Over - Mission Logos

If you get info for a system without mods it will give you an overview of missions available. This might show a bit more info, but I don’t know if is worth the trouble.

What I like shopping for is unique / hero mechs and weapons. I don’t see there is a way to know what a system has unless I’m missing something. It does show an icon saying one is available, but not which type.

Those are the two I’m using. I also added this one:

Your lancemates are definitely smarter after that mod.

It said in the mod list there’s a conflict, but the game works perfectly.

Awesome - I’ll add that. Idiot lancemates/companions can often be frustrating in any game, lol.

You mentioned everything I am rocking including the no weight limit one. Plus these below:


Mod compatability pack

cockpit glass with weather effects

Classic mechs!

Stacked crates- better loot scattered around

Oh those look terrific, thank you.

So I tried a bunch of the houses and found that, for me, the Cicada of House Liao was the easiest one for me to get a handle on, so I’ve started with them. Pretty fun so far.

Nice! More added

From the comments on Nexus, there can be some conflicts between Coyote’s mod and VonBiomes, some with YAML, though many of these are occasional and usually relatively minor (mission won’t end, enemies don’t spawn, etc.). Haven’t tried it yet.

That’s interesting, because I’ve been pretty impressed by my lancemate’s AI so far. But then, I haven’t played an MW game in 15 years. In particular I like that there’s no hidden rubber banding that I can detect, if I send three of them after a target they kill it just fine. Lots of games seem to prevent anyone but the PC from finishing significant opponents.

I’ve figured out the base loop at this point, so now I’m in the happy space of being able to grind money or progress the campaign. It is pretty stingy on new, decent mechs though. I have PPCs in my inventory but nothing that can try to use them. No worries, I’m still barely through the intro.

Last comment, I’m feeling no desire to move off of mouse and keyboard, but I’m also not feeling consolitis, which is another compliment.

Base loop is indeed a happy space for me. I gave up on getting anything good from salvage in this early game, but that ended up being just fine.

Once you have 10 or 15 million you get to go shopping, and I like that bit, other than the animation.

Last night I found a rare Stalker for sale. It has 4 double heat sinks, 2 L ER Lasers, 4 M lasers, 2 LRM15+s and jamming. Only 9 million.

I finally figured out LRMs with this one. They work well, but the animation for them is just so unsatisfying. Perhaps a mod?

You may want to look at the Hellfire and Brimstone mods. They have separated them out to PPC (which I like) autocannon (which I’m so so on) and the missiles (which I personally find makes it almost impossible to see, but you can tweak the settings).

There’s also a free mech you can pick up(wolverine iirc),that’s pretty nicely kitted out and will really help anyone in the early game

spoilered for those that would rather find by themselves:

Search for the valentina system(kurita space). Go there, look at the transmission. Collect mech. Happy dance!

Okay, so to make sure I haven’t messed anything up with mods, is it normal to get mechs on the salvage list where it takes far more shares than I have access to in order to salvage them? I thought I was being SO good with keeping them as intact as possible, but apparently that was just to make someone ELSE happy.

edit - I’m only four missions in with as many mechs & three pilots including myself, so perhaps more shares unlock as I go up in the ranks?

ya, that’s normal.

As you gain rep, you’ll be able to put more points into salvage, which will give you more salvage shares. Also, multiple-part missions help a lot with this (though they’re probably too hard for you right now). You’ll see some missions will offer +25 -75% bonus shares (and that applies to each stage of the mission, so it can be quite lucrative). At the beginning, you’re probably better off just getting as much money as possible, but at some point, its more lucrative to go with salvage. Also, in general, i think the campaigns have better quality salvage than the generic, so i’d recommend focusing on salvage for them more than the random missions (this is especially true of the dlc).

Also keep in mind that the more damaged the mech, the less picks you need to salvage it.

The better shape it is in, the more shares it will cost you.

Later on when you have more picks it can be more advantageous to headshot/leg a mech you really want.

The higher your relationship with a faction, the more negotiation points you get. More points of course translates to more shares if you spend them there. There’s a “more shares per point” mod (several actually, I think), but it doesn’t make it so that you avoid that early period where you need to rep up.

Higher difficulty missions also have higher maximums you can allocate points to. Eventually you will be able to salvage whole mechs.

It’s a faction thing mostly, once you have a good standing with a faction, you’ll have tons of extra negotiation for scrap where you can grab the big boys. Around Rep 6 I found myself with way more mechs than I needed and not enough money.

Ain’t this the truth. Once the mechs started flowing I went Pokemon crazy with the idea of doubling up the ones I really liked.

I noticed my payment rose to 1.5 million and realized I wasn’t nearly rich enough to play that game.

I’m old and salty now with a distinguished rep of 9. Gotta say, some of these inner sphere campaign missions are really tough.