Médecine Politique: A Qt3 Empires in Arms PBF Game


Oh no.

That corps seems like a trap…


The Battle of Sultan Calassi (سلطان كالاسي), March 29, 1805

Preferiría perder todas mis tierras y un centenar de vidas que ser rey sobre herejes.

“I would rather lose all my lands and a hundred lives than be king over heretics.”

Philip II of Spain

“Mariscal de Campo Castaños had landed El Ejército de África south of Algiers, capturing a shore battery and establishing a safe camp on March 25, 1805. Advance cavalry notified him on the morning of the 28th that Mustapha VI ben Ibrahim, the Sultan of Algiers, would be attempting to block his advance inland in an effort to protect the Fort of Sultan Calassi, the key to the southern defenses of the city. This citadel was key to resisting a siege of the city, and the Sultan, advised by his Prussian allies to fight to protect it, had indeed moved southward and established an infantry cordon amongst several steams that flowed west, towards the sea, in an effort to take full advantage of the terrain and resist the expected careful Spanish attack in echelon. The 5,000 strong Spahi Cavalry was deployed to protect the flanks of this position.”

“However, ordering an advance at dawn at March 29, Castaños approached carefully, tentatively, probing for weakness in the Algerian position, and staying clear, or under cover from, the fire from the citadel as the battle began.”

The sun rose hot and vivid on the morning of January 19, 1805. The sun is the hammer and you are the anvil.


Spanish (@Mark_Weston)

Key Leader and Commander Mariscal de Campo Castaños 3.3.3 B

II Corps with 14 Infantry and 2 Cavalry, all have 3.0 Morale

III Corps with 14 Infantry and 2 Cavalry, all have 3.0 Morale

32 Factors, 4 are Cavalry, at 3.0 Morale

Algerian (@cuthbert)

Corps Leader, Mustapha VI ben Ibrahim, 1.1.1

I Algerian Corps with 5 Infantry and 5 Cavalry, Infantry has 1 Morale and Cavalry has 2 Morale

10 Factors, 5 are Cavalry, at 1.5 Morale

Leadership, Terrain, Environment, Operational Factors

Desert: +1 to Morale Level on Combat Table for both sides, -1 to Final Pursuit Level

Leadership: Defender has -1 to Combat Rolls

Chits: Attacker Chooses Probe, Defender Chooses Cordon.

Attacker Chits (Here, Probe) are Compared against Defender Chits (Here, Cordon) on this chart.


Day 1

Round One:

Round One Rolls

Round One Results:

The Spanish roll a net 5 on the 1-2 and Inflict 0.05 (5%) Casualties (on the below table) and inflict -1.1 Morale.

The Algerians roll a net 4 on the 1-3 and inflict- 0.05 (5%) Casualties (on the below table) and inflict -1.3 Morale.

The Spanish inflict 2 Casualties and -1.1 Morale on the Algerians.

The Algerians inflict 1 Casualty and -1.3 Morale on the Spanish.

The Spanish have 31 Strength and 1.7 Morale after Round One.

The Algerians have 8 Strength and a shaky .2 Morale after Round One.

It was all but over, as the better Trained and Disciplined Spanish Troops kept up a steady persistent fire against the Algerian weak points. The Infantry began to waver, but Mustapha VI ben Ibrahim kept his men in the action as Noon approached…

Day 1

Round Two:

Round Two Rolls

Round Two Results:

The Spanish roll a net 4 on the 4-3 and Inflict 0.15 (15%) Casualties (on the below table) and inflict -1.6 Morale, breaking the Algerians.

The Algerians roll a net 1 on the 2-2 and inflict- 0.00 (0%) Casualties (on the below table) and inflict -.2 Morale.

The Spanish inflict 5 Casualties and -1.6 Morale on the Algerians, breaking them, so one of those losses is Cavalry.

The Algerians inflict 0 Casualty and --.2 Morale on the Spanish.

The Spanish have 31 Strength and 1.5 Morale after Round Two.

The Algerians have 3 (all Cavalry) Strength after Round Two.

Pursuit: The Spanish Rolled a 1 (see the Round Two Rolls) and have lost 1.5 Morale. So, this would normally be a pursuit class 4, but in Desert is a 3. No Pursuit losses for the Algerians.

Follow Up: the Spanish attempted to find a breach, but failed (Rolled a one, see Round Two Rolls above).

Castanos casualty roll. He is unscathed.

Spain, please retreat the Algerians.

Spain +1 PP.

General Exposition


Mmm, that was a disembarkment, so you need to use the river tables, so for round 2 it would be on the 3-2 for the defender, not the 2-2. which means one more loss for Spain.

Also the Spanish roll for round two is affected. Should be 4-2 and not 4-3. Algerians should have 2 loses less.

Doesn’t change much in the grand scheme of things.


Spain loses 2 infantry. I shall not edit the above post.


The Algerians can retreat SE into the mountains.


I also believe Prussia loses 1PP due to the field battle.


BTW, what do you use to make the fake battle maps? They’re really nice.


March, 1805

Land Phase, End Spanish Land Phase


F. * The Conquest Step.

Are there any conquests to declare as March ends?

Powerpoint, old maps and elbow grease

General Exposition


I don’t think so. While many capitals are enemy occupied, I think everybody moved in this turn. Certainly France did.


March, 1805

Land Phase, End Land Phase

If there are any conquests to declare, speak now or hold your peace.

Currently I need military information sheets from Turkey (@Panzeh), Prussia (@Cuthbert), Russia (@MiquelRamirez) and Great Britain (@Kolbex) before we continue.

Also, a note on the Economic Phase that is next. This will be conducted in a “PBF friendly” sequence. Namely, GB will announce who she is trading with and who she is denying American Trade with first. Then any nations that do not wish to trade with GB will say so. Then all subsidies sent must be sent secretly to me. Then, everyone will know how much cash they have and we can proceed. Then we shall commence with economics. All, please hold in answering all these until the Land Phase is officially over (aka when I get my data from those outstanding).

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator


I guess that is a step up from grease pencils.

Anyone interested in old maps should check out


France’s accountants are ready and willing. The Winter war has proven expensive and citizens will be expected to contribute so that the State can remain triumphant.


We still await military information sheets from Russia (@MiquelRamirez), Turkey (@Panzeh) & Britain (@Kolbex).


It’s not like Britain has too many troops to make the process difficult. France will help reducing that number further so to make things quicker.


March, 1805

Begin Economic Phase

The Economic Phase looks like this

A. The Victory Points Step.
B. The Money and Manpower Collection Step.
C. The Lending Money Step.
D. The Manipulation Step.
E. The Money and Manpower Expenditure Step.
F. The Political Status Adjustment Step.
G. The Civil Disorder Step.
H. The Ceding Step.
I. The New Political Combinations Step (see options 11. I- 11. 6 and 11.8).
J. The Levy Step.

We begin with A. The Victory Points Step.

This is the Political Status Tracker as the Phase begins

Below are the Victory Point awards for March, 1805. Great Britain (@Kolbex) do you wish to expend any of your Victory points (up to 3) to subtract from any other power’s total?

As well, while deciding this, Great Britain, who do you wish to trade with this Economic Phase, and do you wish to deny American Trade to anyone? So a total of three questions, answered publicly here. Then we may move onward.

Gratias Tibi,

Et Historicus, Moderator est DIsceptator


His Majesty’s Government proclaims the following:

1.) All shall be graciously permitted to keep their victory point gains this quarter.

2.) All shall be traded with save France, with whom we remain enemies, thanks to the intransigence of the monstrously aggressive Napoleon.

3.) In the interests of curtailing said aggression, American trade shall be denied to the French. All others may trade as accustomed.


Says he who got 2 other nations to declare war on peaceful France!


If you’re so peaceful, why do you have all those armies?


To defend ourselves from the aggression of countries willing to declare war and set foot in foreign territory without permission, like, I dunno, Prussia…

History has proven the precautionary measure right.


The Sublime Porte graciously allows this, and in turn will extend this graciousness to the Russians and allow them to use the bosphorous straits for trade in the hope that this will bring good tidings from its northern neighbor.