Metro Exodus may ruin the bullet economy


Now I think about it, high system requirements might get me to skip this. Given the cost of high end cards right now, the fact everything else runs ok and possibly the option to fob myself off with New Dawn or Rage 2… Maybe they’re just being conservative.


Just wait until the game is out and there are benchmarks. Sometimes the difference between ultra and high is beyond minimal, and they could be conservative and have put the requirements for minimum 60 fps, not average 60 fps.


Right. Good thing Stream has refunds in this era.


Sorry, @Paul_cze


They’re deleting backlash threads like crazy on steam forums now.


I couldn’t believe they would be that stupid. To sabotage all their goodwill just before release.

They are lucky the retail copies will still use Steam, that is the only reason I am not cancelling the aurora edition I have preordered.

If they persist with this artificial exclusivity bullshit, they will not see anymore of my money.


This annoys me only in as much as I’d like to keep the number of store fronts pinned to my taskbar to a dull roar, but it’s also not a game I’m like to replay down the road (though you never know) so forgetting I own it on EPIC isn’t a huge problem, I guess. I’m still interested in getting it, just a little irritating. I’m glad I didn’t pre-order on Steam and then have to wonder if the Steam version would get like patches later (or at all) or something dumb.


From the Steam FAQ about this:

Will Metro Exodus ever return to Steam?
Yes - Metro Exodus will return to Steam and on other store fronts after 14th February 2020.


That’s odd. The headline made it sound like it was exclusive to EPIC. But it will be on Steam a week after it launches on EPIC, so it’s more like a “head start” for EPIC customers, sounds like? For some reason that is even dumber, to me.


That’s a bit longer than a week dude.


You mean a year, right?


Oh man, I didn’t even catch that. Lame. Super lame.


Oh, a timed exclusive. That’s still dumb but it removes me from having to care about it. If I have even finished Metro 2033 by then I would be surprised. And I wouldn’t be buying it at launch prices anyway.


Notice up on the Steam page:


Can’t wait to play it in 2020!

And boom, its the number one seller on Steam, lol.


Damn, I only pre-ordered the base Metro package rather than the Gold edition on Steam so now I guess I won’t be able to pick up the expansion pass for a really long time if I enjoy the game. :(


No its ok, the dev’s said the season pass will be for sale on Steam.


Phew, thank you lordkosc for calming my jangled nerves. I would’ve been pretty annoyed if that wasn’t the case.


I’ll get this on console, that’ll teach 'em.


But that just adds a whole new marketplace into the equation!


I see GreenManGaming has the PS4 version 7% off.