Metroid Dread - 2D Metroid on Switch

Because Metroid is too good to relegate to only the Switch thread.

Anyhow new 2D Metroid game for the Switch.

Surprise of the Nintendo Direct today. I don’t need to know anything more, I’m there day 1.

Edit: here’s the actual announce trailer, not just the producer interview.

Yeah, I’ll be borrowing my son’s Switch for this.

Yep. This is definitely promising!

I predict your sons Switch will become yours after bedtime on the regular now that you have it ;)

Still waiting on Prime 4 news, but this seriously softens that blow.

Looks stressful. And good.

It looks a lot like Fusion, where you were stalked by that parasite Samus. I guess those were more scripted than what this looks to be, but same general idea.

I like that they still label them “Metroid N” (3/4/5) at the start of the game, so it’s clear that they’re continuing the story from the other 2D Metroid games. I guess I need to finish my 2D Metroid playthrough now!

I wish they had come up with a more interesting look for this game. It really just compares poorly to things like Ori, or Replaced which are really impressive. Dread kinda just looks like a slightly improved 3DS game.

It could have been PETSCII, but we can’t have it all!

I feel like there’s something inherently difficult about making 2.5D tech corridors look interesting, especially with whatever that slightly isometric / FOV camera effect is where you can see the sides of the walls at the edge of the screen. It automatically feels cheap and fake for some visual reason I don’t understand. It reminds me of the Strider remake or certain indie games.

I was thinking Strider as I was reading you, and I’m sure you meant Shadow Complex as one of those others.

DS game originally, IIRC, so maybe that isn’t so off-base :)

Me at 10:00 this morning: “I should go back and play Metroid: Zero Mission to get ready for the new game. I never completed that one.”

Me at 4:00 this afternoon: “…So once I get the Game Boy Interface software up and running–did I ever buy a 2GB microSD card?–then I can plug in the Everdrive X5 into the Game Boy Player, but first I need to update the operating system. Should I get the RetroTINK 2X Pro so I can get line-double the 240p output to 480p with zero lag? Or should I just buy a modded GBA with a new IPS display so I can play it in handheld mode…”

Just get a MiSTer, only around 300 bucks!

Damn you. Damn you to hell.

I just dug out my DS from a storage bin after reading your post. Metroid Zero Mission and Fusion are still in the case. I haven’t turned it on for like 5 or more years. Let’s see if it works!

So it’s not possible to play all 4 Metroid games on Switch then?

I guess if they’re designed for two screens, that would be hard to do. It kind of makes me glad the DS line is finally dying. So that we won’t get future hard-to-port dual screen games.

(Though I’m sure eventually some clever emulator writer will figure it out. Maybe put each screen on half the screen maybe).

Boo, Analog pocket not available until October.

Well Fusion and Zero Mission were GBA games so they weren’t designed for 2 screens.

Oh, then they should definitely release them on Switch damn it.