MI to FL and back, New Years-ish time frame

Short version: I’m thinking about driving from MI to FL right around New Years. Somewhere in the vicinity of Dec 26-Jan 1 on the way down, and Jan 6-10 heading back north. Anyone want to meet up along the way?

Long version: So, my parents have decided they’d like to have a little family gathering in Orlando a bit after New Years. Probably do a day or two of Disney, Universal, the usual. We’re gathering on January 2. Which means I need to decide what the heck I’m doing to get there from West Michigan. Of course I could just fly, but where’s the fun in that? It takes about 20-25 hours to drive down, depending on the route I take, and of course assuming the weather is reasonable. That’s doable in 3-4 days of driving. And look, there’s potential QT3 points of interest all over the place:

And that’s just the folks I can think of off the top of my head, probably more around. Thus, the question: anyone along the MI-OH-WV-VA-NC-SC-GA-FL route interested in having a house guest for a night? I do fine on a couch. Or if not overnight, a few hours of visiting and gaming on my way through? Or even just a quick beer someplace nearby? I’m not picky about the exact logistics, just happy for any opportunity to meet some QT3 folks in meatspace.

Orlando here. What’s your timeline? I don’t drive, but there is a possibility that the wife would take time off for a meeting.

Howdy! I’ll probably be away on your way down but might be in Raleigh on your way back up. Keep me posted with your plans!

Oh well, that’s even easier! For some reason I thought you were further north. I’ll let you know as I figure out what we’re doing each day, maybe I can stop by for an hour or two just to say hi (and maybe play some games) while I’m in the City of Mouse.

You would get an extra 2-3 days of fun and sun vs fighting the aggravation of freeway and jammed up city bypass driving? You could be lying on a beach drinking margaritas vs sitting in a car? Flying down is far safer than driving?
I’ve done the Michigan to Fla run several times and I’ve never considered the drive there or back as “fun” and at the cost of gas, its not even less expensive any more. Of course that all depends on the number of people going but the next time I make the trip, it will be by air.

You’d be more than welcome to crash at my place in Columbus. Perhaps we could get some of the other local QT3ers and make an evening of it.

Like Clay, I’ll likely be traveling myself during your first leg, but definitely around during the return!

I’ll be rattling around home over the holidays, so I’d certainly be up for a meetup!

There are a few other NoVa-ites that we could possibly rope in, like @triggercut.

I’m in OH too, Bob. Columbus. Where is @ddtibbs?

East side of Columbus.

West sy-eeeed here!

OK, we have some movement here! Looks like Columbus, somewhere in Northern VA, Orlando, and Raleigh on the return trip.

And @rshetts, I hear you, I was being a little sarcastic with the fun comment. But I think it’s worth the extra hassle if it means hanging with some QT3ers along the way!

My very tentative plan right now would be something like this:

Dec 30 - GR to Columbus, hang in the evening with @Guap and @ddtibbs
Dec 31 - Columbus to wherever @Tin_Wisdom is (near Richmond?), hang there with him and maybe @triggercut and whoever else is in that area
Jan 1 - Northern VA to somewhere around Savannah GA
Jan 2 - Savannah to Orlando. Maybe stop by @RichVR’s place for a visit!
Jan 5 - Leave Orlando, drive to somewhere around Savannah GA
Jan 6 - Savannah to Raleigh NC, hang in the evening with @clay @ArmandoPenblade etc
Jan 7 - Raleigh to Cincinnati area (a bit out of my way but I’m sure there’s something interesting I can find there)
Jan 8 - Cincinnati to GR

There’s lots of room for modification, of course. Like if a New Year’s Eve guest doesn’t work for @Tin_Wisdom, no worries, I can leave a couple days earlier. That would shift Columbus to Dec 28 and VA to Dec 29, and I go to St Pete FL by New Year’s Eve and spend it with my parents there instead.

Also anyone in the South Carolina or north/west Georgia or Cincinnati OH areas? With this plan, I’d have a couple of opportunities in those general vicinities.

I’m in Greenville SC, which is way out of the way on your Savannah to Raleigh trip. That’s also going to be a hectic couple of weeks between Christmas and getting married January 11. So it’s unlikely it will work out for me, but on the off chance other visits take you near the northwest corner of SC, I could probably at least grab a drink or a meal.

Holidays and a wedding? Congrats @WhollySchmidt, but holy cow, that’s gonna be a stressful few weeks! Hope everything goes smoothly!

Northern Virginia is generally reckoned to be the Virginia suburbs around Washington DC, so about an hour and a half north of Richmond. I know there are more of us than just me and Trigger; we’d probably want to start a new thread to get a bigger crowd.

I might have to get back to you on the New Year’s Eve thing as that is a night were we might have some plans. It’s likely not a show-stopper either way (we’d still be able to put you up), but it may prevent a larger Qt3’er gathering.

Ah, OK, so more like Alexandria area than Richmond. As for the timing, no worries, just let me know. I don’t have to make any hard-and-fast plans for a few weeks yet.

I may be able to take a trip over to Orlando. Depending on where you’re at we could hit Cloak and Blaster, Joysticks, or Player 1. All gaming themed bars. :)

Would love to meet you and Rich. Also @geewhiz may still be in Orlando?

Unsure if @sillhouette, @Zephyr, or @BigWeather would be down for the Raleigh area times, but I should be on that date!

I like that idea. Haven’t had their onion rings in a while.

Sounds like fun. Haven’t had a chance to visit Boxcar arcade yet.