Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

I had tears watching this. I grew up in MS Flight Sim, and them killing it with X was sooooooo saddening. This is just so wonderful.

I think I played Flight Simulator once at a friends house. It’s not my jam.

But wow did that look beautiful.

Downloading real world data and then flying in the storm passing over me was a gold star experience.

If there’s anything that could sell me on an Xbox, this would be it.

Alternate title: we’re making everything we’ve got!!

Imagine the joy being in that brainstorming meeting when Microsoft decides to get serious about gaming again.

The only thing they need to port in from Flight is some kind of mission stuff for single players. Taking puddle jumpers into strange locales at unusual times. Even some kind of open ended campaign where you take jobs, fly, go back, and do some spreadsheet accounting would be fun.

God yeah, put a Euro Truck Sim business layer in it and I’d be happy as a clam.

No PC version?


Age of Empires series (x)
Flight Simulator series (x)

Rise of Nations next please???

That is very impressive. Do we know if it’s based on FSX legacy code or something new built from the ground up? The cool thing is that you won’t have to spend several hundred dollars in Orbx addons to make the sim look good unlike with FSX where the most of the US was seemingly desert brown.

Win 10 is mentioned at the bottom of the product page.

MS Flight Sim is older than Windows and Office.

ACES was shut down a decade ago. The Flight Sim dev team scattered to the four winds. Wonder if any came back for this?

Oh yeah. I think I started with 2.0.

I thought Microsoft Flight was sort of delightful.

Well at least they’re adding words! Flight. Now Flight Simulator. Next? Flight Simulator Infinite?

I am really interesting in it generating scenery for all the world. The weather looks nice too. One thing could still undo it for me: shoddy flight modelling. If it feels like ace combat, instead of a little propjob being bounced about by thermals i’m out.

Lately I have been (ab)using DCS for long A to B to C flights when partaking of the 'erb. Just chillacious gliding and admiring the interesting landscape below. I do like a lively plane for that, something that needs input and care such as the F-14 or MiG’s. FBW jets are boring when it comes to just flying.

This looks to be perfect for that, with an infinity of interesting landscape, cooler weather and (maybe?) (potentially?) the choice of every flying machine ever made.

I can out-nerd you all when it comes to MSFS. I had the Flight Sim II for the C64, and recorded my first successful flight and landing. On a VCR tape. And I watched it. More than once.

And I’m enough of a nerd that I’ve been staring at the video trying to figure out if they’ve implemented cloud shadows.

But, VR support is going to be pretty critical for me. Flat flight sims just don’t do it anymore. I thought that the Aerofly flight simulator would be a fresh new start for civi flight sims, and the VR support is excellent, but development is going nowhere. Here’s hoping it makes the cut for MSFS, though it’ll probably need a beast of a machine to fly.

I’m partial to older plans that aren’t too complex, but don’t have the niceties of GPS and advanced autopilot. I like the fiddliness of navigating VOR.

Also, bare-bones website is up. Looks like MS is also bringing back the insider program:


Me too.