Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - We're really sorry about Microsoft Flight

I will indeed. Now I’ve got to go see it.

Today’s live event is a pretty amazing spot. It’s the first one I tried. I had a heck of time trying to find where to land. But when I did, suddenly I got 5 achievements. 5!!

I downloaded lots of stuff from the marketplace. Don’t forget the updated content is not automatic, you still have to “buy and download” the free update from within the in-game marketplace.

Oh yeah, meanwhile the Breckenridge Bush trip continues.

I had to go into VR to complete that landing challenge. In pancake mode the view kept panning up as I was trying to land, and you can’t turn off the automatic tracking in 2D mode in a challenge. Did unlock two achievements. Also got the one for locking the view on a star landmark, which I should have unlocked six months ago, so I guess they fixed some of the bugged achievements.

The new scenery is fun. I flew under the Eiffel Tower and was happy to see the collision boxes were realistic. So I decided to really push it and fly through the Arc De Triomph in my Xcub! Made it! So then I was going to land next to the big glass pyramid at the Louvre but I collided with invisible nothing while flying too low over the building.

Oh well. Two out of three ain’t bad.

Does anyone know when the UK-update compatible OrbX London scenery is coming to MS Marketplace? OrbX’s support forums are very passive-aggressive on this point…

I’m perplexed how that’s considered a runway in real life. I mean, it’s just a short grassy hill in the middle of a beautiful spot. I wonder how planes take off again after landing there? Up the hill and over? Or back down the hill after turning around?

That was quite an enjoyable landing challenge (I also got an achievement) but I don’t have the patience to try and improve my score.

I see you’ve reached Prison Town USA :(

Aw, I can’t see my flat on the loading screen any more.

It’s there… I grabbed it a week or two ago. You’ll see it as an update in Content Manager.

Never saw an announcement or anything, though.

Oh, that’s good to know.

Really nice freeware Edgley Optica now up at FlightSim. This one’s native MSFS, unlike the portover that appeared there briefly. OrbX is planning a more detailed version, but this one’s not bad at all, and is great for VR sightseeing.

Is that a real plane?

Woah, being able to look below you without switching to external camera? That one is going to be awesome in VR I bet.


Was that not the one the police were going to use as an alternative to helicopters… until some early crash.

So there really isn’t a way to refuel in this game, except to assign a key to repair and refuel and press that button, correct? I’m wondering if I’m missing something in the interface when I’m at a landing strip, maybe I can legit refuel somehow?

Anyway, I forgot to use the key on Leg 17 or 18 last night, so I ran out of fuel mid-flight. What’s funny is that I pressed the button then (I assigned it to Ctrl+R) and my plane sputtered back on, and I got to my destination and landed, but the game immediately put up a dialog box saying I ran out of fuel and couldn’t reach my destination. Heh.

If the airport you’re at allows it, you can request a refuel from ground services via ATC. A lot of the bush trip ones don’t have it though.

In those instances, is that a button on the interface somewhere? How do you request something from ATC?

In the in-game menu bar, the icon with the tower.

And bear in mind that the fuel truck takes ages to reach you usually. So at first it may seem like nothing is happening. Try using the drone cam to float above the airport and see if you can spot it making its way to you. One more thing: I’ve found it to be quite buggy, in that it won’t always “connect” with you. You’ll know it’s worked because the fuel and weights page will appear.

Honestly, this is one realism I can live without. I just use the insta-refuel binding wherever I land. It doesn’t affect bush trip achievements if you care about that.

Not the best lighting conditions, nor the best plane to do this in, but:

Really want to try to recreate this photo:

Can’t quite get the cloud layer low enough or thick enough, but I haven’t really played around much with the weather before so I don’t know what I’m doing: