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As someone who is about to bite the bullet on this game, is the “Premium Deluxe” worth the extra $60 for the extra 10 planes and 10 airports? Seems like it from the outside based on what 3rd party DLC tends to go for, but I trust your opinions more than anything random on the Internet.

It seems like an inane reply but it depends how much you want those airports and aircraft, really. There are thousands of airports in the game and many of them have been excellently modded, often for free (check out So unless you have a particular interest in that specific list of 10 airports, then no, it isn’t worth it.

And the same goes for the aircraft. Bear in mind all the stock airliners are pretty much broken, so the 787 is already out. Of those that remain, again, unless you must have any of them, it isn’t worth it. There are plenty of aircraft in the base game - and general aviation is exceptionally well covered - and again plenty of mods and third party aircraft out there.

Personally I’m perfectly content with the base game. The money I saved not getting the premium version will go to third party aircraft I actually want, when they’re released. And a great number of those third party aircraft will be better modelled than the Asobo planes too.

It’s a great reply, honestly - thanks. Unless someone comes back with a contrary view, this sounds like a fantastic perspective.

Also, how much time you’re going to spend in the sim. Given that I’m sure I will fly this for years, and spend hundreds of hours in it, the additional $60 is worth it if I end up only using a couple of the extra planes or flying much into a few of the airports. Honestly, if you don’t go for the Premium Deluxe, I’d at least go for Deluxe to get O’Hare and the round-gauge Cessna 172. But Heathrow, San Francisco, Frankfurt, and Denver in the Premium Deluxe are really nice, as are the Citation Longitude, SR22, and Pipistrel Virus. And while the 787 has some issues, there are user tweaks out there that make it acceptable unless you’re a hardcore airline FMS type.

If you foresee playing long-term, IMHO getting the full deal is a small price to pay for a lot of content. Given the $15-20 cost of most add-ons (with a few planes up into the $40-50 range), it only takes three or four of the 20 items to make it worth the cost.

If you don’t really know how much the sim’s going to draw you in, don’t buy any edition. Sign up for PC Game Pass for a month, try it there, and then decide whether you’re into it enought to justify the bigger investment.

My first view of Lake Tahoe as I come over the hill.

Man oh man. Everyone wants to live beside this lake don’t they? I’ve never seen so many houses all around a lake. I know that one of the most successful real estate agents here in Kansas City has a house on Lake Tahoe and when the pandemic hit, he moved there for the duration of it. Still when we talk to him every week, he tells us of the great views out his windows.

I got really close to it on my Yosemite trip back in the early 2010s. Next time!

Of course, there’s no guarantee that views from the road will be as gorgeous as the views from the air.

I wonder how much it costs to buy a house here?

Myself, I’m currently enjoying some nice post-dawn skies over Belgium on a NeoFly mission. (Live weather, not live time.)

Edit: Finally busted into some sun over Eindhoven.

Back to my journey across Russia, I’m really glad I chose this plane, whatever it is. I just went through the list and chose the one with the highest speed that wasn’t an airliner. I’ve found the ideal altitude to be around 2000 feet. That’s high enough that I get a bird’s eye view of everything and get to enjoy the scenery, and low enough that I can see details of the towns and cities beneath me. The speed can be a little high for when I’m passing cities, but if I was going any slower than 250 mph, I think I’d get impatient and be tempted by time compression. At 250, I haven’t been tempted even once yet. There’s always something interesting to see.

One theory I’ve conjured out of thin air, just purely based on observation of this railroad across Russia is that Russian engineers, when they built this railroad, really didn’t want to build bridges. I’ve cross a total of one bridge so far on this journey from Moscow past Strizhi. Every time my journey East brings me to a river, like Volga river, which is huge at certain points, the railroad goes around, never over the river. It’s like they knew the river was going to turn north further up ahead anyway, so why build bridges when you didn’t have to? Just turn the railroad directly south sometimes, and go around the river.

Of course, you can see the exceptions to that statement in that screenshot. When they cross the little tiny rivers, sure, they build little tiny bridges to cross over those. Probably much easier to build than crossing the Volga.

What you have there is a TBM 930. It’s definitely one of the better ones in the game. I believe it’s the only one modeled with doors that open, for example. (Though, for some reason, that was never actually coded, you need a mod to make them open.)

It’s pretty much the flagship plane of the game, so no surprise they did it up right, I guess.

(Our G3000 makes it a lot better, too. If I say so m’self. :D )

Yeah, I think the stock 787 flies fine, although I’m not a hard core sim guy - just a virtual tourist and only fly real-world flights. So just the 787 and A320 right now, and the recently released CRJ once I make it back to Chicago (in Dubai on my around the world trip).

Would like to see a decent 737 released. I know a study-level one is coming, but I’d be OK with one that works decently enough. Same with the 777.

Okay: first off, this is a glorious title. HOWEVER, I read issues with DC monuments had been fixed with the November update yet when I just flew over the Mall, there was the Washington Monument as an apartment building and the other old images. Do I need to do anything to get the update? I would have assumed it was somewhere in the 172GB I patiently downloaded.

Go to the in-game marketplace and mess around in there. There’s a bunch of downloads you need. Including all 4 of the World Updates. I think the USA is the 2nd World Update in case you want to get that out of the way first and start flying.

I think click on Full Catalog in the the bottom right and then click on Free Content and change that to yes.

Ahhh - thanks!

I made the mistake of clicking around the management screens in FSEconomy and now I’m the proud owner of Serenity Now! Aviation, with a string of 5 small FBOs in between Utah and New Mexico. Out of the five, only one had an ICAO recognised in MSFS, so I’ve been landing on rough ground, taking on passengers, and heading off again. Some of the folks on the forums are creating landing strips for me (one done so far) so I don’t smash my undercarraige.

Taking off in the DA62… the dashboard says that I should be hitting 136 KIAs on takeoff, but I think I’d need a 10,000 foot runway to manage that. Is there some trick I’m missing, as it’s a bit of a struggle to gain altitude after takeoff in a stable manner.

I would think KIAs is Killed in Action, but obviously that makes no sense in this context. “knots of indicated airspeed”. Interesting.

---- Different topic

The last few legs of the Breckenridge Bush Trip are amazing. There’s so many valleys and mountains and forests and rivers and streams. And yet, even in a little dinkey bush plane like this yellow one, I fly over them all in a few minutes. It really brings home how much faster flying is compared to traveling on the ground. In order to navigate this kind of terrain what i do in 20-30 minute legs would take hours even in a really fast car.

When I was having trouble taking off in a Bonanza, it turned out one of my bindings was messing up the fuel mixture. But I don’t think the DA62 has a mixture lever, so it’s probably not that in your case.

Anyway, seems like rotation speed is 76 knots for the DA62.

136 is far too fast. From memory when I fly the DA62 my Vr is around 70-80. For climb out I’d use 90% throttle and a vertical speed of 1,000-1,500fpm, I can’t remember exactly where in that range right now but probably close to 1,500.

@Rock8man Heh, KIAS = knots of indicated airspeed, in other words what the airspeed tape on the left of the PFD says. This is different to true airspeed which is below the tape, and ground speed which is at the top of the MFD.

It occurs to me, did the human race really luck out that Russians grabbed this much of the Earth’s green forest territory, and because of their relatively low population, they didn’t cut most of it down but kept it? From my trip at least, European Russia just seems to be thousands of miles of forests that’s mostly undisturbed. I can just imagine if this was in the hands of a country with a huge population it would have been strip mined and developed into farmland or industrial land. Instead, it’s in the hands of a people that lost most of their male population in World War 2, while the rest of their population still seem to suffer from a mass cultural depression and drown themselves in vodka.

Forgot to capitalise the S at the end; makes all the difference (he said, after 5 mins googling Kia cars) :P

Thanks guys, that makes more sense - I guess I have something else set wrongly as it’s a real struggle to get off the ground at that speed. Or rather, maintain a climb.

This is the thing I was looking at:


That’s maximum speed with the flaps in that position.

Flaps T/O Flaps UP
Min. control speed (VMCA) 70 76
Rotation speed 76 80
Best angle of climb (VX) 83 –
Best rate of climb (VY) and V50 83 87