Middle of War: Earth Shadow - aka Batman Mordor Knight 2


HA, in one skirmish with the orcs, I heard one comment: “Hold my beer!” :-D


It was sexy Shelob that pushed you over the edge no doubt :)


Nope, definitely NOT that. But I’m getting the hang of the combat now. BTW, does the scary spyware part that you have to agree to to play the trial/demo go away when you actually buy it?


No idea. But I suspect the eye is always upon us…


Seems the DLC - Desolation of Mordor is pretty good! And doesn’t have a throwaway new main character!


So with the Steam sale, and the paypal $5 off $30, the Gold edition of this is tempting me.

And I know the super duper patch is coming in July, to remove the gold loot boxes and fix the grind.

Anyone suggest against getting it at this point?


Depends how much you like the combat really. Unless you’re really, really into pseudo-Tolkien lore, the whole game is just a framework to do the combat in. None of the non-combat bits are particularly interesting in their own right.


Bounced off the sequel, but assuming they didn’t break the combat (and I haven’t heard anything to that effect), the combat itself is super, super fun though.


There is a definite Goldilocks zone for it. Because, past a certain point I feel lore love, there are things that will really start to irk you. And by you, I mean me.

It’s like an Elvis impersonator singing AC/DC at a bar karaoke night.


BTW - there is a bundle that includes the gold edition of both games that is $6 cheaper than just the gold edition of Shadow of War.


I enjoyed it, the nemesis system is worth the price. Combat is better than it was in the first. Fun, but limited sandbox.


Link plz? I can’t seem to find it.

Nevermind, I googled it and found it right away.


Glad you found it. I just went to the store page for Shadows of War, and it was listed below along with the various editions that were available. I had to keep reading it, because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


I had no idea they were removing the gold/pay aspects of the game, and that sounds great to me. I just read the post about it on the forums and I really like what they have to say, so while it’s on such a big price drop, I grabbed the Gold version and will happily give it a try (for the first time, though I’m usually terrible at this kind of combat I figure I’ll do fine enough to have some fun) next month.

Also, it looks super purdy.


I’m not sure you realize how awesome you made this game sound.



Update stuff confirmed for the July 17th patch:

  • Market removed, Garrison remains.
  • No more war chests, loot chests remain as challenge rewards.
  • Raised Level cap to 80, orcs to 85.
  • Skills points given every time the XP bar is filled even if you are level 80.
  • Ability to re-roll gear stats by spending gems.
  • Ability to level up gear by spending mirian.
  • Celebrimbor Skin.
  • New prestige skills in each category.
  • Beasts upgraded to do more damage and be more useful at high levels.
  • Unlockable Nazgul Masks and new Nazgul armour, all with unique abilities including summoning elemental graugs.
  • Nemesis missions give more XP.
  • Shaming updated so first two times shaming an orc will not affect his traits.
  • Resurrecting undead followers no longer causes them to lose levels, they remain unable to level up.
  • Undead followers keep hates and fears.
  • Saviours now optional, can be turned on and off in the options menu.
  • New mystery necromancer ability.
  • Late game increase in cheat death.
  • Gift givers can now bring worms to interrogate.
  • Captains slightly less adaptable at high levels.
  • Beast slayer trait now less common for non beastmasters.
  • An enemy blood brothers will show up more often to help when you attack their brother.
  • Follower become enraged if one follower blood brother is attacked and the other is nearby.
  • Lot less likely your followers will betray you if you hit their blood brother by accident.
  • More legendary orcs.
  • Training orders can be purchased with mirian from the training order screen, works offline.
  • New voice lines for Talion.


I picked this up during the summer sale, so its my next game after I finish Vampyr.


2 more days!



When you try to find the thread for 5 minutes , and remember you have to search for BATMAN.


Anyways… here it is ladies and gents, the DEFINITIVE edition.


I long for the days of “Editor’s Choice Editions.”

Back when such things mattered.

Shocked we don’t have “PewDiePie Endorsed” badges on things.

Fuck 2018.