Middle of War: Earth Shadow - aka Batman Mordor Knight 2


I have to assume the real explanation is one of these:

  1. Monolith and WB wanted a sexy evil chick in their game. There’s no sexy evil chick in The Lord of the Rings, so they just picked Shelob because fuck it why not?

  2. Michael de Plater has the same kind of interpretation of Tolkien that you get at least once out of every undergraduate lit class. Just some dumbass hot take that involves literally zero understanding of the text, but man, you just don’t get me, man.


I always felt the worst thing about the first game was that it tied itself to the relatively restrictive LoTR lore. It would be a far better game if it used a generic fantasy world.


It needed greater enemy variety. One orc being afraid of fire and another immune to ranged attacks didn’t cut it for me. I finally got through the game, and the combat was decent enough, but the lack enemy variety made it tough to stick with.


Ok I admit, I sometimes really enjoy Jim Sterling videos. As usual NSFW.

Shadow Of More Dollars (The Jimquisition) talks about the game and its micro transactions.


On the other hand, I would have had absolutely zero interest in playing Shadow of Mordor had it been a generic fantasy world. The Middle Earth license is pretty much the only thing that got me to bite.

Having said that, I played it for about an hour and bounced off it. I’ll eventually give it another shot because it looked like there was a lot of fun to be had somewhere in there. There’s just something about a single player game where dying and respawning is a mechanic that rubs me the wrong way. I had the same problem with Planescape Torment…


I fuckin’ love loot crates. Bring it on. Pay to win is my jam. I ain’t even sorry motherfuckers


/removes Wunpus from my Christmas card list


Amen. Was thinking exactly the same thing when I read the prior post. Shelob as a daughter of Ungoliant is, if anything, even more evil than Melkor (Satan), let alone Sauron. This is a ludicrous distortion of lore.


I can understand this complaint, but largely because people interpret the lore as requiring a very restrictive list of enemy types, when you could easily include the same diversity as D&D if you wanted to in terms of creatures - just not as organized army units.


I would like to fight Tom Bombadil.


I’m with you! Fuck Tom Bombadil and his annoying singing all the time! I want to execute a Mortal Kombat fatality on his ass!


Prepare my fainting couch!


Not a Bombadil fan either. Barrow Wights are cool as fuck though


Nothing goes better together than Pizza Rolls and Shadow of War!

I predict a pizza face cosmetic skin.


Hahaha! I can only laugh now. At this point, would any tie-in or crappy microtransaction scheme matter?


We need games journalists to corner the suits on this issue for every new AAA game.

Will it have a marketing agreement with Totino’s?

Answer the question!!


Bungie is schooling everyone by calling them Premier Lifestyle Partners.


Why… Just no…


What is wrong with these people?


That was great! Thanks for sharing that. I like that they’re having fun with this. Hopefully the microtransactions won’t ruin it.