Minecraft! (single player dwarf fortress)

I just got a RTX 3080 card installed. I would like to try RTX minecraft. I googled this and found the stuff for the xbox insider hub where you sign up for it. I did all that. Then these articles end with that last step. Some say its installed automatically, yet I can’t seem to find it.

There is a “show in store” button on the xbox insider hub, which takes me to a store page to buy minecraft, which I already own, but not in the microsoft store. I know they are migrating majong accounts to the MS store, but so far I have no idea how to do that. I just find articles on that MS is going to end support for the majong login/account, but nothing on how you actually migrate or get credit for the minecraft account in the MS store.

That’s because the how to hasn’t been published by Microsoft yet. The account migration hasn’t started yet.

Ok. Has anyone installed RTX minecraft yet? If so, can it be done without owning a copy on the MS store?

Unless something has changed, no. Its an opt-in beta if you own Minecraft on the MS store.

Oh if I bought Minecraft 15 years ago or whatever for the original Java version, I get a Microsoft copy sometime soon? I won’t buy it again then.

Hmm, seems like that’s not the case.

No, if you did not migrate your account to the MS version of the Majong account, then you lost your copy. Now it seems we need to do this again.

You have to own the Microsoft Store Windows 10 version to join / enable the RTX beta. Java won’t work.

I know people are annoyed at having to migrate to a MS account, but that’s incorrect.

  • The first migration was from the original alpha/beta minecraft.net accounts to the Mojang account. This is where we switched from using a username on minecraft.net to an email address. That change occurred late in 2012.
  • Microsoft purchased Minecraft in September 2015. So 3 years after that migration.

Until now, we still have been running on the 8 years old Mojang account system for the Java version. This is MS finally unifying its accounts and account security when it comes to Minecraft. So you never migrated to the MS version of a Mojang account.

Also, @TimJames I’m not sure whether you really have lost your not quite 15 years old Minecraft account (the alpha took place in 2010 and the beta mostly in 2011), as there is still a migration form from Minecraft Premium to Mojang here:


Worth a try if you remember your old login details and email. If the form doesn’t work, you might be able to contact support with the same details.

I feel… young? Not as bad as I thought, but makes much more sense now that I think about it. I wasn’t playing games at the time 15 years ago.

I tried that migration form before. It said my email was already registered. I used my password and it didn’t work. I clicked the link to send a password reminder email and never received one. It must be stuck in the nether.

It can be a bit wonky. If you have the original email purchase info you can send a support ticket and they should eventually try to help you.

I had to do that like 6 months ago so I could play with my kid after buying her a separate pc copy since I hadn’t played in so long.

There was a opportunity to claim a free version of the windows 10 edition if you owned the java edition. That expired earlier this year.

RTX and DLSS is now available in the main Windows 10 Bedrock Edition. You no longer need to get that separate beta-branch download.

Nvidia also released a game ready driver for it today.

Nice. Signing up for the beta was waaay more complicated than it ever should have been. I have to install a separate app?! WTF?

How do I revert from the beta to the normal version so I can play with my kid again?

Yeah I went through the whole annoying process and later opted out to revert. Not sure it was worth it, I should have waited for the official release.

I think this will let you revert:

Detailed Windows 10 Opt Out Steps

  1. Be sure to backup your worlds first!
  2. Open the Xbox Insider Hub app and unenroll from the beta.
  3. Uninstall Minecraft.
  4. Reinstall Minecraft from Microsoft Store app.


Likewise. It was a real pain.

200k people in the discord. There’s an UK team, a French team, etc.

Release 1.17, or Caves and Cliffs Part 1, is out today. Looks like mainly it includes goats and axolotls, though they may have a rather dramatic effect on the world.

Caves & Cliffs part 2 isn’t even out yet, but Mojang announced the next update.


The great outdoors still called to us, which is why 2022 will bring you The Wild Update!

Cory Scheviak, Agnes Larsson and Brandon Pearce from the Vanilla team showed us some of the beautiful concept art, and as you can see the The Wild Update will bring new gameplay, more depth, and lots of fun stuff to the game. Like mud and mangrove swamps . MORE SWAMPS! My natural habitat is slowly taking over the Overworld. Along with different types of frogs and tadpoles , we’re also getting boats with chests ! This is something that a lot of people have been requesting for a long time, and we understand why. Is there anything better than an aquatic picnic? Or maybe you just want to bring your dirt blocks with you when you take to the lake. I know I do.

We also learned that the Deep Dark and warden will be included in The Wild Update , which means we need to wait until 2022 to jump out of our real and player skins in fear. On one hand, yes. Waiting is boring and delays are never fun. Trust me, if my cat’s food bowl is empty for one second too long, I can kiss all my leggings goodbye. But on the other hand, this delay happened because the Deep Dark is not only very deep and very, very dark – but it is also really big. And we want to make it as big, dark, deep, and absolutely terrifying as possible. So while we wait, let’s all grab a needle and thread, and get to work at fixing my poor leggings, because this reasoning did not translate when I was explaining the empty bowl to Lilla Blå.

Also, this news:

Launching exclusively with Game Pass for PC on November 2 2021, the Minecraft PC Bundle brings Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Windows together in the same launcher . Having both editions means that you can cross-play to your heart’s content, even with consoles and mobile! Your days of picking and choosing are over, except when it comes to snacks. Now all you have to do is launch the same edition as the Minecrafter you want to play with, and start working on your sweet, sweet gravel block builds!