Miserable life, or a miserable death? Pick one

One year anniversary coming up.

It was on Sept. 20, 2004, that D.C. Superior Court Judge Judith Retchin sentenced Magbie, a quadriplegic since an accident at age 4, to 10 days in the D.C. jail. His crime? Possession of marijuana.

Looking down from her bench, Retchin saw a first-time offender. He controlled his wheelchair with a mouth-operated device. He could breathe only with a battery-controlled pulmonary pacemaker. At night he needed the assistance of a respirator. He could have been sentenced to home detention, where he would have had round-the-clock attention. Instead, Retchin, apparently upset when Magbie refused to swear off weed, which helped him get through a miserable existence, sent him to that taxpayer-supported hellhole near the Anacostia River known as the D.C. jail.

Five days after falling into the hands of the D.C. government, Magbie was dead. He died a horrible death. It was preventable. But nobody in the system cared.

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I’m sure a few right wingers can defend this. They usually do.

You’d think we’d make Congress fix D.C. before letting them try to fix the rest of the country…

You ever read the end of the Tom Clancy book that Al Qaeda stole the planes thing from?

A 747 loaded with fuel flies into the capital building during a joint session of Congress and the Senate during the presidents coronation, wiping out all the career politicians and the entire Executive Branch (save Jack Ryan)…

We can only wish that’s what happenned IRL.

president ryan then went on to give america a flat tax.

And America prospered, no doubt? With the middle and lower classes living comfortable lives?

No, a bunch of eco nuts then tried to kill everyone with Ebola.

Damn liberals.

president ryan then went on to give america a flat tax.[/quote]

Clancy is a noted librul! Not!

No, a bunch of eco nuts then tried to kill everyone with Ebola.

Damn liberals.[/quote]

also, a terrorist viral attack hit america before the attempted ecoterrorist one.

ps: the eco terrorists were left to die in the jungle instead of a) being executed or b) “thoroughly interrogated” to see if there were anymore caches of supervirus left hidden.

Not me. :P

Congress is never going to use DC for anything more than grandstanding for the people back where they’re actually from. We should just move everyone out of the city.

To Seattle, perhaps? :lol:


Racist, huh?

He’s not the first medical marijuana martyr.

Racist, huh?[/quote]

Racist, huh?[/quote]

Jason is suggesting that Cindy is implying that Jason would not want DC’s population relocated where he is because of their race.


Huh. Clearly I am not complex enough for that. I read Cindy suggesting DC (politically minded people) be moved to Seattle where Jason (a politically minded person) is, and Jason suggesting Cindy is being racist or something.

See spot run. <= I can handle this.

Why on earth else would I care if they moved here?

Racist, huh?[/quote]

He hates me because I’m white.