MLB 2018 - Hope for a 7-game WS so they'll play on Halloween


OK, it’s not quite 2018 yet, but it’s never too soon to talk about what’s coming.

In Detroit, the next big thing is apparently Gardy.

They want “previous MLB managerial experience”. Considering what the roster will likely be, they’d have been better off with “AAA managerial experience” - but then, some of those Twins teams that Gardy managed were in that same boat.


Dusty is out in Washington.

Win in the regular season, lose in the postseason…not good enough. Probably more of a problem with being in Washington than being Dusty.


You are more generous to Dusty than I would be.



I don’t bear any ill will toward Gardy or anything, but, well…let’s just say I’m glad he’s not managing the Twins any more.


Indians pitching coach/miracle worker Mickey Callaway to be next manager of the Mets. Well deserved and a tough loss for our pitching staff. Wouldn’t surprise me if Cleveland gives John Farrell a ring and see what he’s up to these days.


Yeah, I think Tito and Farrell are pretty tight, so it would make sense.


Random aside; they both played for the Tribe in 1988.


Oh please, Dusty wasn’t that bad! Anyway, I remember in the late 70’s my dad used to say, “we need more players like Dusty Baker from the Dodgers on the Cubs.”

He wasn’t thinking about his managing… but then again who cares! Cubs already won a WS! IN MY LIFETIME! WOW INDEED!!!

I kind of am done with sports emotionally, seen all the Chicago teams win a championship… though would like to see maybe one more Bears Superbowl championship.


Roy Halladay may have crashed his plane into the Gulf. It’s apparently not clear if he was onboard though.


And they wonder why so many people hate the Yankees.


Talk about sending a message. That’s pretty hardcore.


Yeah, there certainly was a message in there. The general feeling is such methods are more widespread, but the Braves were the unlucky ones to be caught. The harshness of the penalty (which also includes the team losing many international players and rendering them instant free agents) is a cautionary tale.

Side note; the players still have their against-the-rules signing bonuses/funny money they’ve already received. Their contracts were simply nullified going forward.


Boonie was just an OK analyst, IMHO. Maybe he’ll be a better manager.


Looks like it down to Cards-Giants.


Giants willing to take on more salary. Cardinals likely offering better player return.

In the end, though, it’s Giancarlo’s call essentially; that’s why I think it’ll be SF. West Coast.


I’m expecting a last minute Dodgers swoop.


Don’t they have like 17 outfielders?

Whatever, you’ll all be sorry when Otani signs with the Twins. Because it went so well with Nishioka.


Best argument I’ve seen against this is that if the Dodgers were willing to take on more payroll, Justin Verlander would be in Dodger Blue. That was the main thing that stayed them during the waiver deadline.


Also we have killer sourdough.


Congratulations Giants, I think you just got yourself a new rightfielder.

Cardinals President John Mozeliak talks about what his evaluator staff calls a “puke point” – the point where a deal simply becomes completely unpalatable and they can’t stomach it.