Mobile Games in 2020

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Favorite cooking game: Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Was it #548?

No, it was a very early one and just made the design seem slipshod from the start. I’ll try to replay and post sometime. But, if you say the game is generally really good, I’ll give it another shot.

I played the hell out of this game in high school, but I could never remember the name of it. And my shoddy memory made it impossible for me to google it accurately over the years, so I just assumed I’d never find it again. But here it is. Thank you!

I think it’s very good, in fact it’s hard for me to go back to regular nonograms. But the early game left a bad impression because it was too easy. Try diving into the weekly challenge.

Are there any good Picross 3D clones?

You’re missing out on stuff like this

I liked Hungry Cat not having any Xs. It really made me think. Check out Paint it Back. Nothing special, just good puzzles & cute art. Looks like harder puzzles are locked behind a purchase on iOS. There’s probably enough fun free ones to be worth downloading.

Have you tried .projekt? It’s kind of similar.

FYI I re-installed Baldur’s Gate on my phone last week and have been playing it during any down time I get. Not a bad mobile experience (although the mines of Nashkel are DARK.)

Anyone without Spaceteam installed on their device(s) or the willingness to evangelise for it, is failing as a gamer.

Also it’s free.

Whatever happened to the Defender Chronicles II sequel that was supposedly in development like 7 or 8 years ago? I mean I’m guessing it’s not coming at this point, just disappointing. DCII was great, as has been mentioned multiple times on the forum. Still haven’t found a game that scratches the same itch after all these years, plus you can’t download it anymore so it’s unavailable for me now.

I’ve been playing a lot of Night of the Full Moon lately.

The mechanics and some of the classes are uncomfortably close to being a clone of Dream Quest, but it adds enough to be engaging on its own right, as well as having actual art and production values.

Each of the eight classes feels pretty distinct, and it’s fun to sculpt their decks over the course of the game. Putting together the right mix of equipment and effects that trigger off one another and cascade into a beautiful juggernaut of ultimate destruction is really compelling. And it borrows Slay the Spire’s ascension mechanic, so each class has 7 progressively harder difficulties to make their way through.

It’s probably a bit too easy – I almost never lost a battle in the first few difficulty levels, and by the end with a well-tuned deck most bosses never posed any threat (and you can always reset to the beginning of a battle on death, so it’s rare that a run is completely hopeless and has to be abandoned. But despite that and some repetitiveness and an iffy translation, I’ve kept playing it for a couple of weeks now.

The IAP are purely one-time purchases to unlock new classes and other content.

I figured out what I was missing: I didn’t realize that the circled numbers indicate consecutive runs of a single color. :P Much better now.

OMG, thanks! I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t find the solution in the simplest puzzles and ended up removing the app in frustration. Much better now :)

Not only that, but if the number lacks a circle then it cannot consist of a consecutive run. This is a key to solving many of the puzzles.

For instance, if a row has exactly one circled number and one uncircled number greater than 1, then the uncircled color must be at both ends of the row (because if the circled color were at either end, then the uncircled color would form a consecutive run).

You know it’s funny, they don’t ever really come out and tell you the circle means consecutive numbers do they? Or if they did then I missed it too, and had to deduce it from playing the levels. Weird decision.

They did in the tutorial you all skipped through, elitists!

Zach Gage’s SpellTower+ is out.

The tutorial that autoplays when you start the game does not tell you this. The tutorial that plays when you click the tutorial button in the settings menu does. I initially assumed that they were the same thing. I have still found a couple of puzzles that don’t have unique solutions, like this one:

There are also a couple of puzzles with questionable color choices (red and reddish pink as separate colors? or white on a white background?) But overall I really like it.

The one you posted got a unique solution.

For the one with dubious colours, you can switch the background’s to make it clearer. It’s a hassle, I concurr.