Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - The Godzilla/Kong universe on Apple+

That might be worth subbing to Apple TV for.

Great cast anyway.

Nice. It has a Leeroy Jenkins moment.

Oh wow, is that Anders from Workaholics? Kind of weird seeing him in a dramatic role.

Tired Joe Tippett in the trailer is giving me John Goodman vibes.

it’s not this one

It’s this one

Is Wyatt Russel playing the young version of his father’s character?

He is indeed.

We didn’t want to make a Godzilla spinoff show; we wanted to make a series that lived in that world. People go to Godzilla movies to see Godzilla, but we knew we couldn’t compete with the spectacle, and we weren’t even going to try. We wanted to build a show that lives in a world where Godzilla’s real, and Titans are real. But now what? It’s not a 9/11 show; it’s a 9/12 show. The movies are where the buildings get knocked down, but this show is where people are getting up again, dusting themselves off, and figuring out, “What does my life mean now when my world has changed entirely?”

That seems like a bit of spin. My worry with this kind of show is that the conversations will be tedious. It’s not inherently interesting to stamp a dramatic or adventure show template onto a new universe. The writing and editing needs to be sharp. (I’m going to check it out when I can; just speculating in the meantime. I sincerely hope it’s good, just musing concerns.)

I did notice when I was watching Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+ that Monach’s first episode is up now. The trailer they played before that show was interesting looking. I’ll definitely check out the first episode at some point. Especially since I’ve been enjoying the latest Godzilla vs Kong movies as a guilty pleasure.

My wife and I are enjoying it (me more than my wife). Thankfully there are plenty of kaiju in first three eps. It’s not a full on kaiju-fest but it’s fun.

They bounce around thru a few timeframes following the main and secondary characters. Only a few times was it confusing. And one thing about various ages of characters was at least mentioned in ep 3 so they seem to have a plan for that and aren’t just waving their hands about it.

The younger characters sure seem kind of whiny and not very curious when they stumble into the big mystery.

I’ve watched the first two episodes so far. My main feeling is I hope someone beats the crap out of the modern Monarch people. They certainly did a good job making them extremely dislikable. I can’t remember the last show I had such a visceral feeling of “I hope those guys get what’s coming to them.”

The modern non-Monarch characters and the old Monarch characters are all cool (just so it’s clear to anyone who hasn’t tried watching yet it’s not like everyone on screen is dislikable).

The special effects aren’t on screen very often, but they are well done for a TV show. I’m very happy that in contrast to the Invasion TV show there’s definitely stuff going on (from the Invasion trailer that played before the last Monarch episode it does look like Invasion did pick up).

After two episodes of Monarch, I still have no idea what’s going on, but the rides been fun so far.

Somehow made it through to the finale with this and all I can say is…yaaaaawwwwn.

No spoilers, just saying it does look like they are trying to ramp things up for the next season (if there is one) but considering the lack of interest here, a place filled with people that maybe should have liked it, it doesn’t bode well for the future. Although, it is pretty decently rated (somehow) on IMDB, showing 7.0/10 right now.

But for me, I only watched this now over finishing up For All Mankind because that show was 80 minutes vs. 50 minutes for this one, and I needed the extra half hour.

We’ve mostly enjoyed it but would have liked it to have the plot move along a bit more briskly. And having the 3 main yoots (they’re supposedly 20-somethings, but act like sullen 12 year olds) killed off early would have helped with my enjoyment.

More like ramping up to the Godzilla vs. Kong movie that’s coming out soon.

I don’t see what a second season would even be, or why there would be one with these characters. Why would these kids be interested in this now?

The one thing I appreciate is the retcon of the “inner space” area that was such a dumb part of the last Godzilla/Kong movie. I felt like the movie was saying that it was just a big underground area, but in the show it’s more like an alternate dimension.

They all have links to it now.

Two with relatives, the other with former employer. They’ll use that as the hook if there’s a season 2 to keep the kids there. But yeah, they are so uninteresting.

I’m not sure the underground was retconned. It seemed like the grandmother was saying the area was a stopping place between the two worlds. So they weren’t in Kong’s world at all.

It wasn’t clear to me whether the place we see in the last episodes of the show is supposed to be the same as in Godzilla vs Kong just elsewhere in that place or interstitial between the two. But either way I think that does position the Kong stuff as another dimension.

I generally found the series entertaining and liked the characters better than anyone in the movies so far, but it doesn’t amount to that much, I don’t think, and for all that it pretends to be a secret history of Monarch or whatever I don’t feel like we learned almost anything about modern day Monarch or how it got to be a giant globe spanning men in black shadow group from a tiny experimental organization run by our three past timeline leads that was explicitly shut down in the early 60s (and nearly shut down multiple times before that). Like I guess it’s going again somehow in the 70s for Skull Island, and that guy somehow turns into John Goodman in like, 15 years or something, but there’s no mention of how.

We finally got around to finishing this season. For me the show is a fun romp, but one that teeters always on the edge of uber-cheesy.

I love the monsters, for sure. The plot is a mixed bag. The core idea of a parallel dimension inhabited by Godzilla and his (?) cronies is cool. The whole Monarch bit is such a shallow pastiche of stuff from all sorts of sources that it never really coheres. The “am I evil or am I not?” techsis (is that a word?) lady and her oooh scarey computer company is straight out of comic book land, and not the good ones. It’s all hokey but sort of entertaining.

Acting is a very mixed bag. Both Russells do a decent job, though I confess I can watch anything papa Russell does pretty much. The kids…oy vey. I can’t take them seriously at all. They over-act and emote all over the place, they are never dirty and their hair is never out of place. I want to punch them all. Keiko is fine, and the Jim-who-becomes-John-Goodman was fine if a bit goofy. The evil general was great, though I kept picturing him as an SS officer for some reason. Monarch’'s boss lady is like a cross between Lisa Edelstein, Julia Louis Dreyfuss, and Jenny from Flipping Out. And Duvall keeps reminding me of Trinity. Nothing is terribly definitive, and it’s all terribly derivative.

But it’s a hoot to watch the Titans do their thing. The fight at the end of the last episode was pretty epic. though I do think they missed a trick not licensing BOC’s a “Godzilla!”

I looked to see if Christopher Heyerdahl has ever played a Nazi and couldn’t find anything that was clearly a Nazi role on his IMDB (but he did have a one episode stint on 21 Jump Street, so that’s fun). I wouldn’t describe him as evil. He’s just, y’know, a conservative general whose approach to possible threats from giant monsters is “we should probably kill them with extreme prejudice” (which isn’t really that unreasonable, tbh). In a lot of stuff that would very easily map to “evil”, but here we also have him in a father figure role for Lee Shaw. Now, the other general that comes in towards the end and shuts things down…that guy is just an asshole.

He was great in Peacemaker, too!