Monitor blinking on and off--WTF is happening?

So today my 3+ years old Samsung monitor starts blinking off and then back on every few seconds.

I’m running Windows 7, and the latest nVidia WHQL drivers, my video card is an MSI GTX 560Ti.

I guess I’ll try uninstalling then reinstalling the drivers, but otherwise I’m at a loss.

Sounds like a bad cable, but it could also be that the monitor or card is dying (short circuit, perhaps). I’d switch to another cable (even VGA if you don’t have a spare HDMI or whatever you’re using) to rule that out first.

EDIT - it could also be something going crazy with your power saving settings. Switch your profile to “power user” and make sure you have it set to not shut off your screen.

Well, I uninstalled the drivers, restarted, and the stupid monitor kept blinking. I ended up unplugging the monitor’s power cord, then plugging it in again, and that seems to have fixed the problem for now. So either the power strip is going south, or the monitor’s internal power supply is. I’m going to swap out the power strip and hope I don’t have more problems, but if I do, hey, excuse for a newer monitor.

I had the same issue with my samsung 4 months ago. I ended up buying an asus monitor.

Drill, baby, drill.

Is that an allusion to that one post of a couple of years back?

Is it an old CRT?

why has no one mentioned Populous

It’s a capacitor that’s going. My monitors would do the same thing, and progressively got worse over a year and a half. Replacing the capacitor fixed it. It’s a known defect of samsung monitors a few years ago.

No, it’s a 24 in. 1900x1200 LCD-- I think the model no. is 2443 BWX.

Thanks for all the replies-- Morberis, don’t know how I’d go about replacing a capacitor inside the monitor proper-- any tips?

IIRC, it involves drilling out a pixel . . . ;-)

More seriously, YouTube always has the answer.

Looks like a new capacitor’s the choice. Very smart move by Papageno.

I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I blew a capicitor in my knee.

You’d have to look up a guide on it. Hopefully the capacitor is easy to spot but I don’t think it’s blown yet so it might not be.

Does it go away after you let the monitor ‘warm’ up? If I left mine on after like 5 hours it would stop, so I just never shut them off.

I have five monitors (do a lot of flight sim)
latest nvidia drivers
i run to monitors off my onboard intel processor(one aus 24" and one 5" they work ok)
2 x 28" monitors ( one benq and one asus they work ok i have them as one monitor in nvida physics mode)
and 2 x 10 inch monitors both the same brand same monitor settings same refresh rates both on HDMI 1080 p / 60 hz
one works fine but the other keeps blinking between normal screen and blue screen momentarily the both used to work fine but not now for one) any one have any ideas i have treid changing hdmi cables dtried using DVI ,AVG
but nothing works (BOTH these monitors are brand new

This is an old thread, but if anyone is still trying to figure out how to get their 4k Samsung monitor to work without issue, I think I may have solved it…in my case I did anyway.

My issue has been the same as everyone else’s. Running dual 980 GTX with SLI in 4k resolution via display port and for no apparent reason, my monitor would blink off, then on, then off, then on, etc. PC was still functioning normally, no issues, no crashes, no shut downs, nothing. I manually restart my PC, go to my event viewer and, as always, no error reports other than the, “Your system rebooted from an unexpected shutdown, blah, blah, blah…” It was driving me nuts, like it is for you reading this right now…I run the latest drivers, even tried every legacy driver in fact, but still the same issue. I reinstalled my OS twice, same issue…so, I called Samsung, no help…I called EVGA and Nvidia, no help…but the rep at EVGA said for me to individually test each card before they make an RMA. I told him I would test each card…so…

Both cards are exactly the same, however one card had a different BIOS than the other. Not a big deal though…so I installed only 1 card, updated the driver to the latest and updated the bios to the latest. ran it for 4 days, played games, surfed the web, rendered videos, etc…on display port. NOT ONE ISSUE!!!

Swapped out the card for the other card, and did the same exact thing…updated the BIOS and drivers to the latest and ran the same tests…for another 4 days…NOT ONE ISSUE!!!

I then installed both cards with SLI mode and have been running this set up for the past three weeks running various tests…and STILL NO ISSUES…problem solved…I think I know why it did what it was doing before…

Even though the cards hardware were exactly the same and the drivers were exactly the same, when I uninstalled the cards drivers individually using DDU, updated the BIOS to the latest, then updated the drivers, things worked great. I think the idea is to have both cards exactly the same in every way so as to avoid software issues!!! Hardware and software…Now I am running both cards like a god and getting crazy FPS and NOT ONE CRASH

I hope this helps someone…

Informative first post. Nicely done.

How do you update the BIOS on a video card (if I’m understanding the post correctly)?

BTW I’m the OP, and I was just using one card for the record. One interesting thing though: I bequeathed the monitor to my sister with an older PC of mine that had a Core 2 Duo and a GTX 260, and she never had the issue.

Thanks for the link. I didn’t have any idea that this was “a thing” as they say.

Given my sister’s experience with the monitor I originally posted about, I guess the problem was down to the card (and its BIOS) or the DVI cable.