Morbius - Jared Leto is a damaged vampire for Sony

Can’t wait for the creepy method acting stories to come out about this one, like randomly slurping on necks and stuff.

So I guess I don’t need to watch the movie now. :D

That looked… boring.

That said, I do have question. Blurring it for people who are avoiding trailers.

Is Keaton playing Vulture? A quick Google search brings up a few outlets reporting him as Vulture after the trailer dropped, but I haven’t seen anything specific. Curious. Would have thought the Marvel deal prohibits shared characters.

He’s the Vultur! A completely different character. He has the same kit and they use the same actor but please don’t be confused!

Joking though, I don’t know anything.

I thought Keaton was Batman, and Leto was the Joker. I’m so confused.

It does appear that Sony is building their own mini Marvel cinematic universe with the characters they own. Rumor is that Tom Holland is going to be in a Venom movie.

There are worse ideas than a Spider-Man cinematic universe. If nothing else, it will prevent them from rebooting every 5 years.

This was cool, I thought. I am going to be really pleased if they tie this into the established “Sony” Cinematic Universe and put some effort into it.

Huh, I’ve never heard of this character. Will Blade be in this? He seems like a pretty natural fit.

Morbius is billed in the Spider-Man comics as “The Living Vampire”, so he’s not the same as the typical Marvel undead. I think that might get him a pass from Blade. But I suspect this question has already been explored somewhere in Marvel’s massive back history.

[EDIT] According to Wikipedia, yup, they’ve tussled and there is lots of speculation that there may be a Blade cameo planned.

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Look, someone was going to do it, I just lanced the boil quick before it festers. You should thank me.

He was great in Dolemite is My Name.

That is on my shortlist to catch when it makes it to Netflix. Oh wait, I don’t have Netflix anymore, I mean Prime or something.

Bad news. It’s a Netflix movie.


Yeah I know, I have a gif problem.

Sure looks like a Venom sequel. Big nope from me!

Trivia time: Morbius the Living Vampire was introduced in 1971, after the Comics Code Authority loosened its restrictions on depictions of monsters and horror elements (as long as they were the “classic” literary monsters like vampires and Frankensteins. Still no zuvembies for a few more years). I believe that both Morbius the Living Vampire and Werewolf By Night were introduced during this period.

Still, it’s a weird world we live in when there’s a Morbius movie. If Iron Man was a D-list superhero when they made that movie, Morbius is like a Q-list superhero.