More bad news for Sony: PS3 shipments infected with ebola virus

Just trying to get a jump on where this latest thread trend is inevitably heading…

Oh, oh, wait! I’ve got a good one!

“PS3 to cost $600”.


Shit, Kony’s going to infect us all. Now we know the TRUE meaning of ‘viral marketing’. <cough, cough>

Yes, but the Premium version has the antidote.

It comes bundled with a Wii?

Except you need to preorder it now and it’s only the first shipment that has it.

For the price of contracting Ebola through a PS3, you could get herpes and warts from a 360 and a Wii. Respectively.

Can’t beat that EvilAvatar RSS feed: “Playstation 3 Delayed Till March 2007.” No append, hoopah!

Like “U.S. Nukes Iran” without “In Military Simulation.”

I’m hearing (admittedly far from confirmed) rumors that the PS3 may not even hit 2006 in the US.

Can I quote you on that?

So was that a joke also? Or are you serious?

No, that’s what I heard. From someone fairly well-placed in the biz who insisted on remaining anonymous.

Does it really sound that far-fetched?

To be honest, yes. I don’t see Sony missing the holiday season at all.

I don’t like Sony’s pricing or inclusion of Blue-Ray, but I think they’re going to be successful despite both.

And part of that success means tapping into the frenzy of the Xmas season.

Does any hypothetical Sony fuckup, at this point, really sound that far fetched? Who the hell expected them to be at this point, a year ago? (quick, pull up an Hrose post where he predicted exactly this!)

Did he look like this guy?

Dude, James Spader is not in the games biz.

I do think a second delay would be harmful, but I don’t think Sony has had “fuckups” as much as they’re making aggressive bets.

They’re betting on their price point. They’re betting on Blue-Ray. They’re betting that the inclusion of the latter will justify the former.

I guess you could say that the delay is a fuck up but wasn’t that known a year ago? Hmmm… Maybe not.

Whatever you say, “Gary.” Whatever you say…

You’re… you’re kidding, right? You’re having me on here.

Yesterday I made an aggressive bet that my head wouldn’t bleed all that much if I smashed it through a plate glass window.