More print is dead: Starlog

Not surprising, but the end of an era.

When I was a kid I met one of the editors, and took copies of the magazine to school to give to my friends.

I think this was the first magazine I had a subscription to when I was a kid. It was a great source in the days of no internet.


I used to get Starlog if for no other reason than to go over the ads in the back for pins and masks and contact lenses and shit like that for hours.

Gah, I loved this one too back in the day. Mind you, news that it’s folded means that it’s been going still all these years which would have been news to me anyway.

You can add me to the list that’s surprised that it was still even in print.

Considerably more succinctly put than my grammatical horror show.

This news is sad and surprising. It’s a gift that keeps giving.

Yeah, next someone will post how Famous Monsters of Filmland is going online-only.

Never even heard of it.

I’m Forry to hear that.

I’m busy clearing out my old place and found my Starlog collection (approx issues 231 - 288)

Any idea if anyone might want these? Otherwise they’re heading into the trash…

try ebay. you may be surprised.

I troll ebay for older fandom magazines, so i know there’s at least a market for that, there may also be one for starlog.

In some matters it’s best to keep your shocking ignorance to yourself.

Damn, I somehow missed this thread the first time around. And alas, looks like their website didn’t survive the year.

As always, Jeff, thanks for your completely worthless contribution to any given subject.

As for Starlog, that’s a bummer, but at least Fangoria’s still going strong.

And good on you, sir, for trolling a post from two years ago.

Ummm wow. I guess nearly 2 years ago when I posted this I should have explained I was a science geek and was surprised I’d not heard of it, and am always sad to hear of a good print mag going out of business.

Well, yes, to be honest, that comment comes off completely different than what you actually wrote back then.

Personally I have fond memories of the Starlog photo guidebooks. Weapons, Spaceships, Aliens, Robots.

God, I vaguely remember them having some kind of literary SF spin-off for a while back in the 80s… What the hell was that called?

Also, someone should create an iPad app magazine called Starlog.