Motherboard cpui ratio is way too low.


I got a my replacement motherboard, installed it, and now my CPU ratio is 36, as it should be.
I have a ticket open with ASUS, and it took them a week ( I just got the email this morning) that possibly the CPU or MB might be bad. A little slow, but better late than never I guess.


Great to hear you got this issue resolved! I’d hate for all that expended brainpower in this thread to be wasted!


Yeah, good to hear that it’s resolved. Reading the saga also made me realize that if this had happened to me, I wouldn’t even know it. There’s no way I’d be running CPU tests and all that, and checking the CPU ratio. I’d just have been stuck with a bad motherboard, and my computer would have been slower than I liked sometimes.


My brain has had 5% less power all week! :D


As well as everyone speaks of them, I’ve pretty much only had shitty experiences with Asus. Because of this I’ve stopped buying their shit for about at least 5 years now and I’ve also not had issues with hardware reliability like before. My biggest current letdown lately has been EVGA power supplies.


I do not normally run these things. I just noticed because I thought windows was a bit sluggish, and unzipping a file took a while, and finally installing nivida driver updates took forever for the actual driver install to start. It was at that point I started wondering what was up went to the bios and saw that ratio thing and then I started googling.


I had great experience with their high-end mobos, but the last one I bought was … almost 7 years ago now (and still going strong)?


All my high end boards from Asus over last 10 years had failures. Their QC is abyssmal.