Mount & Blade: Bannerlord

In reality, it’s a mystery to me what it’s taking so long, because it looks like indeed a lot like the original game, but with prettier graphics. But you can see the combat is the same, the animations too, the UI, the campaign, the equipment screen, etc
I know there is a number of new features, and they are a small team, but man…

I wonder which will launch first, this game or Star Citizen?

(I don’t really wonder that. Star Citizen is the boondogliest boondoggle of all time and will never hit 1.0.)

One day I’ll be sitting at home, with the full release versions of Starsector and Mount & Blade 2 installed on my PC, wondering which one I’ll play next.

One day.

Well played, sir.

Closed multiplayer beta underway. Plans to transition to open beta after it’s done. Still no firm date.

Finally a date. Too bad its early access.

Are there any singleplayer RPGs with comparable combat? The closest I’ve played are Gothic, Morrowind and The Witcher 2, but they are not at quite the same level as M&B.

As singleplayer RPGs go, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the most similar in combat, I’d say.

If I want to play a Mount and Blade game right now, which one should I play?


If you’ve played it before, you can install a total conversion. If it’s your first time, just play it as is.

Yes, definitely Warband.

Excellent thank you! I even have it already :)

Warband is my most played Steam game in terms of hours but I never came close to beating it. Something about all the balls you have to keep in the air (diplomacy among all the lords, inefficiencies that arise the bigger your army gets etc.) did me in. That and the fact that I never got very good at combat.

I played mount and blade back in early access for the first game, version 0.7.?? I think. Getting good at combat might be key to winning the whole thing, because you’re right about the rest of it; but if you can take out 60 dudes with arrows then charge in with almost full health and kill 40 or 50 more with sword and shield (you pick up the shield from a dead dude because you brought so many arrows) then you can win sieges against very tough odds. This makes holding and taking castles way easier and lets you actually end the game.

M&B does combat well, but it does mounted archery very well. You have to give it a try at some point. There’s a serious learning curve, but it is so very satisfying. No other game is close.

I hope the improve the campaign AI in this new version. My only gripe about warband was the fact that a faction really couldn’t win because of all the stupidity. Also those times the king would have you follow his knights to conquer some castle and then just stand there for 3 days and then disband and do nothing.

You just become the Marshall and do it all yourself. :D

Or become your own King and do it all yourself. You know, options exist.

But I would also like better campaign map AI, since right now it’s basically set dressing to randomly change things on you rather than a real fully living map most of the time.